The latest Trade News from the Czech Republic

The latest Trade News from the Czech Republic

The latest trade information - May 2021

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the pandemic situation seems to ease around the world as the vaccination proceeds. The Czech Republic is  slowly lifting the restrictions as well. After reopening shops and a wide range of services, hotels can reopen for tourists starting May 24. The borders of the Czech Republic has opened recently only for tourists from neighbouring countries, but with the number of Covid cases dropping rapidly, we expect opening of the borders for all, with some neccessary limitations, very soon and we are excited to finally welcome tourists back in the beautiful Czech Republic. Meanwile read below about the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape which celebrates 25 years since being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site or watch our hot tip - the short speech of our Prime Minister!
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Hot Tip

Video Invitation - The Prime Minister Andrej Babiš 

The Czech Republic is ready to welcome tourists from neighbouring countries.