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The Czech Republic is a modern and dynamic destination with a rich history and unique natural beauty. The Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism is an allowance organization of the Ministry for Regional Development and its goal is the successful presentation of the Czech Republic on the domestic and foreign markets. It uses its central office in the Czech Republic for that as well as its network of foreign offices both in other European countries, including Germany, Great Britain and Spain and in non-European countries, such as China, Brazil and the United States.

Foreign representation

The basic objective of the network of foreign CzechTourism representative agencies is to promote the Czech Republic in the respective markets, build brand awareness of destinations and stimulate the volume of arrivals of foreign visitors to the Czech Republic. CzechTourism agency branches offer a wide range of promotional activities. Their basic tools include campaigns (on-line, print and outdoor), press and excursion tours, road shows, participation in trade fairs, promotional events, organizing presentations and workshops, collaboration with foreign and Czech entities and establishing and developing contacts with strategic partners.

Important partners

Domestic tourist regions, cities, municipalities and businesses are important partners of the agency, and creating a functional network of partners that brings commercial and non-economic benefits for individual partners of the private and public sector is one of the fundamental objectives of the agency.
The main vision of the CzechTourism agency is shaping a new perception of the Czech Republic. It is precisely a change in the perception of tourism by the residents themselves and increasing their brand loyalty to the "Czech Republic" in the context of domestic and incoming tourism that is one of the fundamental objectives of the agency for the coming period.

Apart from the capital city of Prague, which has an exceptional reputation in the world, the aim of the agency is to increase and make more attractive the potential of the less tourist-exposed regions of the Czech Republic, thereby contributing to regional development.
CzechTourism promotes the Czech Republic brand on the domestic and foreign market on several levels. It participates in dozens of domestic and foreign tourism fairs and publishes sets of publications, brochures and maps in several languages attracting visitors to the Czech regions. An important element of promoting the Czech Republic abroad is to introduce tourism potential through press and excursion tours, i.e. trips to the Czech Republic designated for foreign journalists and tour operators. Another agenda is to support major domestic events of both a local and international character. 

Czech Convention Bureau

The promotion of the Czech Republic in the field of congress and incentive tourism on the domestic and foreign market is the mission of the Czech Convention Bureau, closely cooperating with the various regional offices, covering the work of the regions, thus contributing to maximizing the utilization of all the congress potential that the Czech Republic has to offer.

The Tourism Institute of the Czech Republic

Reporting and information services as well as an analysis of the current status and expected development of the tourism market in the Czech Republic is provided by the Tourism Institute of the Czech Republic, which is also part of CzechTourism. The Tourism Institute through collaboration with the public and private sector applies the acquired knowledge into practice, thereby contributing to the development and achievement of the long-term competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the field of tourism.

CzechTourism’s Media Service:

The Czech Republic features on the website of the European Travel Commission (ETC) www.visiteurope.com.

  • The Agency publishes regular press releases communicating the latest tourism, culture and sport news. The press releases can be downloaded free of charge from www.visitczechrepublic.com
  • www.czechspecials.cz is a website focused on traditional Czech gastronomy. The website is available in Czech, English, Russian, German and Polish.
  • CzechTourism organises individual and group press and fam trips for journalists, film crews and tour operators.


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