Spa Velichovky

Spa Velichovky

The nostalgic spa town of Velichovky is located in the ideal, flat agricultural countryside region of Eastern Bohemia.

The Velichovky Spa was established in 1897, not long after the therapeutic properties of the peat were discovered by Dr Alois Kutík. The Spa‘s main development took place after the Republic was established. At this time, a lot of construction was not only taking place but important guests, including President Masaryk, came here.

The Spa Park on the outskirts of the village is still literally a showcase of First Republic architecture. In addition to the beautiful mansion, it can further boast the main Spa building, known as Masaryk House. This is the masterpiece of one of the most important architects of the First Republic, Milan Babuška (who, for example, designed the functionalist buildings of the National Technical Museum and the National Agricultural Museum in Letná, Prague). The architecture adds a pleasant nostalgic atmosphere to the Spa, although the spa care is at a very contemporary and high level. Tradition, history and the experiences related to it are important here. This is maybe also the reason why the Spa‘s guests feel so good here.

Natural healing sources

The exceptionally high quality peat originating from local sources has been used for spa care for over one hundred years. It is a unique chalk peat soil, with a high content of calcium carbonate and iron. This unique, European natural healing source has large deposits. Experts estimate that the local peat deposits will last for at least another two hundred years. Thanks to the natural density, the peat is primarily suitable for wraps and baths.

Medical Conditions Treated in the Spa

The local peat has beneficial effects, especially for treating diseases of the muscularskeletal and nervous systems. It heats the soft and solid tissues, has antiinflammatory, analgesic and regeneration effects. Therefore, it is ideal for treating the muscular-skeletal system. It significantly helps to alleviate or even completely eliminate the pain of all patients suffering from joint, muscle and spinal diseases.


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