Experience the Best Czech Restaurants

Experience the Best Czech Restaurants

Flavours from all over the world for next to nothing. That is the Grand Restaurant Festival.

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Would you like to try the best that Czech restaurants have to offer without going broke? Then visit the traditional 10th Grand Restaurant Festival. What is it? That’s simple. Ninety-one of the best restaurants from all over the Czech Republic offer degustation menus for very reasonable prices. The largest winter food festival in the Czech Republic is dedicated to the master of world art and science – Leonardo da Vinci! This year, it will be precisely 500 years since he died.
From mid-January to the end of February 2019, the 10th year of the popular food festival will take place. You can look forward to the degustation menu in selected luxurious restaurants from Maurer’s Choice of Grand Restaurants, which is a Czech annual guide similar to the Michelin Guide. The best restaurants make it to the list based on strict testing and evaluations of the customers. This year, the festival is inspired by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci and its motto is the da Vinci flavour. Florence, Milano, renaissance, Italian gastronomy – these are the topics that the best Czech chefs will realise on their plates.

Where to dine

The festival is a national event, so you can enjoy a good meal in almost every larger town. Considering that Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and home to the largest concentration of selected businesses, you won’t be disappointed if you go there. The guide will take you to the restaurants of the best Prague hotels, as well as luxurious businesses that also score on the international scene and where chefs with experience from all over the world cook. The interesting development this year is the involvement of Near East cuisine in King Solomon restaurants in the Prague Jewish Quarter, and the Lebanese El Emir restaurant.
There are also good and quality restaurants outside Prague. Visit the Nebespán restaurant in Kašperské Hory in Šumava, Piano Nobile at Chateau Mcely, the Miura Hotel in Čeladná, as well as restaurants in Ostrava, Zlín, České Budějovice, Tábor, Jihlava, Karlovy Vary or Liberec. There are almost one hundred places to choose from!

How to participate in the festival

You can taste the special degustation menu for a discounted price provided that you buy the voucher in advance and book your seats according to the capacity at the festival website. There will also be original gastronomic “Yummy Adventures”, strolls with food and gastronomic “Packages”.

Why Leonardo da Vinci as a motto?

Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissance person. He painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, two of the most famous paintings in the world. He invented the submarine, drill, helicopter, parachute, the rotary machine gun, and he was interested in medicine, astronomy, and also gastronomy. He is credited for inventing the cheese grater, garlic press, turning grill and many other practical kitchen aids. Some of his comments regarding food and dining are the first about these topics in the world. It is additionally alleged that he came up with the idea of a napkin so that his guests did not have to wipe their hands and cutlery on their clothes.