Czech Gifts with Love
How to make your romantic stay in Czechia even more pleasant and win some extra points with your significant other? Don’t forget the gift! You can’t go wrong with a traditional product.

Something sweet

Give her your heart! So, you have done that already. Then give her the sweetest heart made of Pardubice gingerbread! You will find it in many gingerbread bakeries in Pardubice, or in the shop called ‘Perníčkův sen’ near the Municipal House in Prague.

Something shiny

Jewellery for a lady is always a safe bet. And it goes double for a passionately red gem with passionately red Czech garnets! Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have Czech garnets in their jewellery boxes and even the Russian empress used to wear them!
Czech Garnets

Something colorful

And how about a gem combined with glass? The production of jewellery in Czechia has roots as long and strong as the tradition of glassmaking. Cut crystal that looks like a precious stone or jewellery made of tiny colourful beads... Now, just find something that your love will like. 
Czech Glass Beads

Something soft

If you are planning a trip to South Moravia, there’s only one Valentine’s Day gift you should get. You can’t leave the country without the traditional blue print, which is even inscribed by UNESCO! A scarf, a bag, a table cloth or a pillow... Which one will you choose? And if you are not planning to go to Moravia, don’t despair. Visit the OREL & FRIENDS shop in Prague with handmade gifts from the workshops of Czech artists. Or go to the Manufaktura shop in the historical centre of Prague, which also sells Czech cosmetics.
Czech UNESCO Blue Print

Something fragrant

Speaking of cosmetics... If you choose some original, quality and organic cosmetics as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can’t go wrong. Choose the products by Czech Manufaktura mentioned above; they use traditional natural Czech ingredients in the production, such as Moravian wine, spring salt from Karlovy Vary or beer. But you can also try the products from Havlíkova přírodní apoteka or the therapeutic effects of herbs in the organic Botanicus cosmetics. 
Manufaktura Czech Cosmetics