Culinary surprise in Czech cuisine: freshwater fish

Culinary surprise in Czech cuisine: freshwater fish

Autumn tips for three fish restaurants where you can get a new perspective on Czech cuisine.

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The thought of traditional Czech cuisine conjures up images of excellent tenderloin, stuffed dumplings and goulash. Few people associate freshwater fish with Czech cuisine, even though carp is the traditional meal for Christmas. Fish is on the menu in autumn in the Czech Republic because October and November are for anglers. It’s best to go to Třeboň for it – a region full of unspoiled forests and ponds.
According to tradition, fish is caught on 3 November on the feast of Hubert, the patron saint of game wardens and hunters. Only there are more than twenty thousand ponds in the Czech Republic. That’s why fishing often begins in September. Autumn fishing is a social event – for example, every year thousands of people come to Rožmberk, the largest Czech pond. Most of these ponds are in Southern Bohemia, around Třebon, which is also a small spa town famous for its beautiful nature. We have therefore prepared three tips for local restaurants, where you can find freshwater fish excellently prepared.

Šupina a Šupinka

Pike with salad made of red lentils, peas and tarragon foam, or amur with fennel and carrot puree are dishes that attract visitors from all over the Czech Republic to the restaurant Šupina a Šupinka in Třeboň. Fish has been cooked there for over twenty-five years and during that time a local specialty has been perfected – carp chips. During the season reservations should be made two weeks in advance to make sure you get a place to sit inside the restaurant if that’s your wish. Otherwise guests can sit on the terrace, which is also possible during autumn thanks to outdoor heating.
Tel: +420 384 721 149
Valy 155, 379 01 Třeboň

Bistro At the Carp

Whoever gets a taste for fish can deal with it quickly and thoroughly at the bistro At the Carp. It offers soup, several types of fish salads and smoked carp, silver carp or eel. And at prices below tourist rates. The bistro is, moreover, just a short walk from Třeboň Castle, which is home to a guest house of the same name and starting point for sightseeing or trips on bike.
Tel: +420 721 251 000
Dukelská 106, 379 01 Třeboň


Another restaurant in Třeboň with fish specialties is Adéla. In addition to traditional meals of pork, chicken and beef, fish dishes are also prepared – like carp fillet served with baked beets on thyme. Another advantage is its location. Not just that the restaurant is a short walk from the center of Třeboň and Rožmberk, the largest pond in the country, Adéla is also part of Bertiny Spa, and so you can enjoy fish specialties while indulging in a wellness stay.
Tel: +420 384 754 436
Tylova 171, 379 01 Třeboň