Luxury and experiences for a great price – accommodation in castles

Luxury and experiences for a great price – accommodation in castles

Pretend for a few days that you are a nobleman or noblewoman and stay in a Czech castle!

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You might be lucky enough to be called the lord of some castle or chateau. If not, would you like to try living like a royal at least once in your life? In the Czech Republic you will discover a whole range of elegant places offering accommodation full of romance and history. You can choose from castle hotels or stylish apartments. Which will you choose for your next stay?

Are you looking for a place where you can find solitude or where the other guests will be so far away that you won’t even run into them? Then try one of the three apartments in the Baroque castle of Jemniště. Two are located in standalone houses at the entrance gate to the courtyard of honour, and the third is located in a side wing of the castle. You can also look forward to romantic interiors and castle tours with a glass of champagne or a picnic in the castle park. You won’t see other guests even in the two apartments in the Renaissance castle in Nové Město nad Metují. A secret tip for lovers of fairytale accommodation in peace and comfort is the small Klokočov Castle in the unspoiled natural paradise of the Iron Mountains, where the period furnished apartments will take you back to the atmosphere of the 19th century.

Castles that have been turned into hotels do not necessarily have to maintain their antique romance. But here you will find period interiors and historic furniture together with modern comforts like a television, mini bar and internet connection, whirlpool and hydromassage shower. You can enjoy luxury and comfort in the magnificent setting of a unique boutique hotel with modern conveniences and an atmosphere that will take you back centuries in the Chateau Herálec Hotel. It’s also a perfect spot to relax and enjoy wellness activities: a whole castle wing is devoted to relaxation and health.

Chateau Mcely offers similar experiences. Originally the country residence of the noble family of Thurn and Taxis, it now offers guests modern comfort in a neoclassical romantic style accentuated by the Piano Nobile restaurant, which uses local recipes, and the relaxation centre.

A castle hotel that offers accommodation in both a historical and contemporary style in modern rooms is Libice Castle. In addition to the late Baroque castle restaurant with frescoes, you will also find a wellness & spa centre and bike rental, and can take walks in the marvellous French garden or English park. The Castle Hotel Maxmilián under the Baroque terrace of Loučeň Castle offers similar services. You can stay either in the building, which was used for official business by the Princely House of Thurn and Taxis, or in the modern airy extensions with other rooms. Those who prefer the noble life can stay in any of three castle period apartments or the romantic Little House of Princess Alexandra, which stands alone right in the castle park.

Another option is Napajedla Castle, where each room is named after a different human character trait. Instead of television and a mini bar you will find scented natural essences and “shabby chic” style, which combines new with old and lends a new function to historical objects while at the same time featuring gentle and romantic lines.

You can also relax in castle luxury in the leisurely atmosphere of Hostačov Castle. It’s a great place for foodies: in the castle restaurant you can taste food in the “slow food” style made from local, seasonal ingredients, prepared according to traditional recipes and influenced by the art of a master chef.

Do you want to try a room in the style of Louis XV and the French rococo, the Tudor renaissance or English Chippendale? Then you have to head off to the castle hotel in Hrádek u Sušice. Luxurious interiors full of romance and history also await you in the rooms of the Chateau Hotel Zbiroh. Your stay at this castle will be made all the merrier by the U Rudolfovy kratochvíle castle tavern, which features medieval specialties and an entertainment programme.