Taste the World of Wine in the Czech Republic - Ice and Straw Wine

Taste the World of Wine in the Czech Republic - Ice and Straw Wine

Taste wine with a distinctive aroma, a low alcohol content and a high sugar content that will remind you of summer in all its glory!

Ice wine is made from grapes that were harvested during the first winter frosts. The first surviving records of the production of ice wine come from 1794 in Franconia, in today’s Germany. In the Czech Republic, such wine has been produced for about 20 years. To produce ice wine, grapes which are harvested by weather in November or December according to weather. Its unique feature is that the grapes must freeze naturally - unlike Canada, where grapes are also allowed to frozen artificially - and are pressed while still frozen.

A unique opportunity for wine-growers

On the last weekend of August, the fourth annual World of Ice Wine - IceWine du Monde 2014 competition will be taking place inside of Lednice Chateau, which along with the adjoining area is a UNESCO, world heritage site. The International competition of ice, straw and other selected sweet wines shall again be participated in by dozens of winemakers from several countries this year.

The aim of the competition is to provide manufacturers of ice and straw wines an opportunity for peer comparison at the global level and also draw attention to the fact that the Czech Republic produces high-quality ice and straw wine.

The awards ceremony and the closing of the professional part of the fourth year will be held at the prestigious Knights and hunting hall in Lednice Chateau. The competition will again be held under the auspices of the International Organization of Vine and Wine OIV. The large gold medal of the competition was won last year by wine from Josef Valihrach winery and Mikrosvín Mikulov winery.

Complex process-sweet reward

Ice and straw wine is characterized by high natural sugar and a lower alcohol content. The aroma of such wines is reminiscent of candied fruit, raisins, honey or jam. With ice wines it is a requirement that the grapes are picked at temperatures below -7 ° C and treated to avoid their thawing before pressing. With straw wines, storage on straw or air drying for at least three months is required. For the production of these wines, varieties with a naturally higher acidity, especially Rhine Riesling, Welsh Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Lemberger, Cabernet Sauvignon and Neuburger are suitable.