Getting Closer ... the Best Grape Harvest Festivals in the Czech Republic

Getting Closer ... the Best Grape Harvest Festivals in the Czech Republic

Wine from the Czech Republic ranks among the best in the world, and as such it needs to be properly celebrated. Experience the unique atmosphere of grape harvest festivals!

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If you start daydreaming and your face is graced with a blissful smile every time someone mentions wine, then early autumn is probably your favourite time of the year. Grape harvesting is the highlight of the season both for wine lovers and winemakers alike. In wine-growing areas this event is often accompanied by jolly times with some history thrown in as well as concerts and markets. Since the Czech Republic has more than enough renowned wine-growing regions, we have prepared a few grape harvest tips especially for you.

Grape Harvest Festivals in Moravia

South Moravia is probably the most noted wine-growing region in the Czech Republic and the birthplace of a typical grape variety named after a region - Pálava. Being distinctive in several aspects, this area is UNESCO protected due to its unique ecosystem and is greatly valued by winemakers for its virtually perfect conditions for viniculture. Considered as one of the most renowned wine centres of this region, the historical town of Mikulov will hold a vintage festival on Sep. 6-8, 2019.

Having become a very popular cultural event throughout the few past years, the vintage festival in Znojmo promises fun along with the warm atmosphere of South Moravian hospitality in the whole of the historical town centre. As in previous years the Znojmo Wine Festival, which will take place on Sep. 13-15, 2019, will present a royal procession, a series of concerts, supporting events as well as culinary sensations and obviously wine at every turn.

Wine Festivals in Prague

The western part of the Czech Republic does not lag behind Moravia in the wine growing tradition. Quite the contrary, as it can boast some significant firsts. For example Prague Castle vineyards are considered to be the oldest in the country. The annually held Wine Festival at Prague Castle is one of the highlights of the season, as it fills the unique atmosphere of Prague Castle with fine wine, delicious food and merriment. This year it will take place on Sep. 14-15, 2019.

Fortunately, the wine tradition of Prague does not stop there. One of its quarters is called Vinohrady, (Vineyard). And so it is no coincidence that another popular wine festival is held in this very place. For good entertainment, wine and a breathtaking view of Prague head for Grébovka Park on Sep. 20-21, 2019.

Grape Harvest Festivals in Bohemia

Staying close to Prague, you will be able to experience vintage festivities in the romantic town of Mělník. Guarding the confluence of the two rivers Elbe and Vltava, the local castle is a great backdrop for a wine celebration. This fact was known only too well by the Mělník folk more than a hundred years ago, when the grape harvest festival was held here for the first time. This year it will take place on Sep. 20-22, 2019.

Vintage festivals are going to take over other popular historical sites – such as the unique Baroque Kuks complex, situated near Hradec Králové. Being treasured as a real gem of East Bohemia, Kuks is definitely worth visiting, wine festival or not. Nonetheless, a glass of good wine will add that little something extra, so why don’t you check it out yourself in Kuks on Sep. 14, 2019?

What you simply must not miss …

Whether you choose this or that wine festival, there is one thing you definitely must do and that is to taste burčák. This speciality, which by Czech law can be made only from grapes grown in the Czech Republic and can be sold only from August 1 - November 30, is partially fermented grape juice with the correct ratio of alcohol and sugar. But watch out! Burčák is very tempting and after one glass you will want to have another and another.

To be continued ...

If you cannot make it to any of the grape harvest festivals, you need not despair. November promises more wine jollities, this time celebrating St. Martin's wine, which is always opened on November 11. Apart from the places mentioned above, festivities are going to be staged in the fairy-tale like town of Český Krumlov and Kutná Hora.