Get to know the countryside and history of the Posázaví region

The mountainous landscape full of forests spreading out on both banks of the River Sázava has been a popular area for active holidaying for more than a hundred years. Discover the magic of the area around the Golden River Sázava, spectacular countryside and the romantic culture of the cottage settlements spread out all over the slopes, the bubbling cascades, but also the historical castles and chateaux and take some unforgettable experiences away with you.

The River Sázava attracts visitors to its most beautiful stretch from Týnec nad Sázavou to Pikovice, which you can travel by train, on foot, by bike or on rafts, and thus enjoy some adventure riding a river full of thrilling weirs and rapids.

The Posázava Pacific just like old times

Discover the romance of the Posázaví Region! Cottages and cabins with campsites spread over the slopes of the valley of the River Sázava, bridges, tunnels and the winding path of the local railway, the Posázava Pacific, which has transported lovers of nature, art and history here since time immemorial. Interest was so great that people even travelled on the roof of the train or on the external ladders. Nowadays, you can even travel comfortably by train to the Gothic Šternberk Castle, majestically rising up on a promontory above the river. One of the most interesting exhibits in the castle is without a doubt the collection of art prints dating back to the period of the Thirty Years War.

The monastery in Sázava will amaze you with its building styles

The St. Procopius Monastery in Sázava will amaze you with its monumental Gothic tower. Immediately after that, you can gaze in wonder at the Baroque work of K. I. Dientzehofer and the facades of the monastery will captivate you with their Classicist style. The monastery hides Gothic frescoes from a Marian series and above all the unique Madonna of Sázava, which is apparently the only one in the world to be depicted punishing the baby Jesus. The monastery is a place which commemorates St. Procopius, a man who broke away from the usual concept of a holy man. It is as if his genius loci has permeated the whole complex, be this in the form of the altar painting of St. Procopius or the crypt with some of his earthly remains.

Castles and chateaux every step of the way

Posázaví is also home to Konopiště Chateau, surrounded by an extensive chateau park, which rose to fame as the last residence of Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination in Sarajevo provided a pretext for the start of World War One. You can also visit Jemniště Chateau, a residence of the Šternberg family.