Czech Spa season 2014

Czech Spa season 2014

Czech spas traditionally launch the main season in early May. Don't miss out on an event full of joy and elegance!

Spring is in full swing, a time of getting in some rest and relaxation. Plan your vacation this year so that you return home completely recharged. Visit the esteemed Czech spas with their longstanding tradition, where you can fully immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and wellness!

Hot spring spas in West Bohemia

The kicking off of the 656th spa season in Karlovy Vary on the weekend of May 2–4 is a traditional event that is associated with the celebration of spring. There is a parade, led by the city's founder, Emperor Charles IV on horseback and the blessing of the mineral springs. The festivities take place in many parts of the spa town: T. G. M. Street, the public space in the city center and in front of the Hotel Thermal, at the Mill Colonnade, Little Versailles Park or in front of the Grandhotel Pupp. As part of the festivities many concerts, a crafts fair and a number of additional programs will be taking place. But most importantly do not miss out on the traditional spa wafers! The guests of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza can enjoy a new concept of treatment this year All Inclusive. The new therapeutic apartments have several rooms with private bathrooms, rooms with a multi-functional bath for all types of baths, a massage area, and a relaxation area with deck chairs and a television.

In Mariánské Lázně the 206th season is beginning this year! Part of the gala weekend from May 9 – 11 will be the traditional blessing or opening of the springs. The springtime blessing of the springs is based on the ancient pagan ceremonies of opening the wells - and just like in the old days it should now symbolically maintain the life-giving energy and healing power of these natural resources. The blessing of the springs is now primarily a social event which in Mariánské Lázně includes a craft fair, charity golf and tennis tournament, birds of prey flight demonstrations and various concerts.

A week later, on May 18–19, the new spa year will be launched in Františkovy Lázně . This year's festivities are more important than ever, because the city is celebrating 220 years since its inception. The program of the traditional town festivals includes the blessing of the springs, promenade concerts, majorettes and swordsmen as well as a parade through the city. And if rest, relaxation, massages or saunas are what you’re looking for, take a trip to the local Aquaforum!

Mountain spas in Jeseníky

Karlova Studánka is a spa with a two hundred year tradition. It is located in the Jeseníky Mountains at an altitude of 800 m in the picturesque valley of the Bílá Opava River. The spa, surrounded by mountainous countryside, boasts the cleanest air in Central Europe. The spa has built a thermal water swimming pool for all lovers of water, which is kept between 32-34 ° C, and a range of hydrotherapy attractions in the Summer spa building. Next to the pool is an unusual attraction called a tepidarium, providing relaxation in dry and moist heat as well as a Finnish sauna. The cooling elements are an interesting feature, used for cooling bodies heated from the thermal treatments. You can enjoy classic spa treatments, baths, massages and peat wraps.

Luhačovice – Moravian gem

The Luhačovice Spa is the fourth largest Czech spa with more than 300 years of tradition as a spa. The beginning of the new season in the spirit of the peaceful atmosphere of the beginning of the last century will take place on the weekend of May 9– 11. You can revel in the Art Nouveau costumes and the colorful traditional dress, antique cars, colonnade concerts and entertainment for the whole family. This year at the spa, you will be able to experience special packages called Back and joint regeneration or Treatment & Wellness. If you are traveling with children, the newly opened children's climbing center Pirate Bay will certainly provide a few hours of fun for your kids.