Beer is liquid bread for Czechs

Beer is liquid bread for Czechs

In the Czech Republic they say - the government, that raises the price of beer, will fall.

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The relationship of Czechs to beer is gentle and intimate, they are the real experts and have plenty to choose from
Across the country there are hundreds of regional brands produced in large but also in quite small, family breweries.

Czech beer is a protected geographical indication of the European Union. This honour is not free - everyone, who brews beer in the Czech Republic, does everything to not betray this prestige. They say that the pilsner one is the regional treasure, but in every area of Bohemia and Moravia you can find the great and original taste of the amber nectar.

Plzeň – metropolis of beer and culture

Every Czech proudly declares that the best beer in the world has been brewed in the largest town of western Bohemia, in Plzeň since 1842. The brewing metropolis is also famous for its rich cultural tradition, which culminated in the title of European Capital of Culture for 2015.

To be in Plzeň and not tour the local brewery, nor taste the famous Pilsner beer, this is a sin that cannot be forgiven. The same mistake is not to know the true soul of the town. It is within the walls of houses and in the space of streets and squares. You can literally feel it at every step. Plzeň has an artistic, joyful soul and gives it handfuls.

Art at every step

Several important theaters, local philharmonic, galleries, cultural cafes, countless music, theater and folklore festivals, that performing art flowing through the streets loudly complements. Beginning enthusiasts show the art on the border of many genres - in the shadow of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, sometimes on a busy main street, in parks or in the underground clubs. And when a human is tired of culture, there's still the awesome cool beer with white foam. We recommend a tour of the brewery Pilsner Urquell, or visiting the Brewery Museum, located in the center. Experience the story of beer from ancient times to the present day!

Gourmet paradise

A rarely is it just beer, Czechs are in fact well-known eaters. Local cuisine would probably not win the competition for the healthiest food, but it is hard to resist. Soups are an important part. Without them, Czechs do not consider a meal as complete. Dumplings (knedlíky) are the most famous specialty, a typical Czech side dish to meat and sauces. The best known specialties are svíčková - sirloin in cream sauce or roast pork or duck with sauerkraut and of course, dumplings. Something sweet? Excellent cakes and dumplings again, this time fruity...