Summer with the Sound of Roaring Engines

Summer with the Sound of Roaring Engines

Summer in the Czech Republic is full of racing events. Come and revel in the smell of gasoline!

Lovers of adrenaline, fun, fast cars and gasoline can come and enjoy their holiday in their own way. They can come to Zlín to visit the Barum Rally, attend a meeting of automobile veterans in Karlovy Vary or in Kutná Hora, or enjoy the atmosphere of the world-famous race at the Brno Masaryk Circuit.

Brno Grand Prix

The Czech Republic Grand Prix  (15.–17. August), which is part of the World Motorcycle Championship, has been held at the Brno Masaryk Circuit since 1965. This event annually attracts a quarter of a million fans from around the world to the South Moravian capital of Brno. This year there is also great interest in the tournament from both domestic and foreign fans, who are already looking forward to seeing riders battle with their own eyes in both the premier class MotoGP, as well as the lower categories Moto2 and Moto3. The Brno race usually provides a hint on how the whole championship will turn out. Indeed, for the past seven years only once has the future MotoGP world champion not prevailed on the Masaryk Circuit! The racecourse for powerful machines has already been around for 80 years. The Masaryk circuit was opened in 1930 with the participation of Czechoslovak president T.G. Masaryk, who gave the whole area its present name. The modern asphalt closed racecourse will celebrate its 27th anniversary this year.

Zlín Barum Rally

Another motoring highlight of the summer season is the traditional Zlín Barum Rally. Its 44th anniversary (29.–31. August) is included in the international FIA ERC. The biggest attraction of "Barumka", the Czech nickname of the event, is the super speed test right in the streets of Zlín. The birthplace of the entrepreneur Tomáš Baťa is an attractive tourist site for other reasons than the Barum Rally. The Shoe Museum or the remarkable architectural masterpiece for its time, the Baťa skyscraper, are definitely worth visiting. In fact the whole of Zlín and the entire Moravian Slovakia region have much to offer its visitors – a good tip for an unusual way to spend the summer is, for example, a boat trip along the Baťa canal.

Racing veterans in action

The antique car racing series – Czech Hero Ride – offers attractive shows three consecutive weekends in August. First is the Carlsbad Veteran Rally (1.–3. August), which besides the world-famous spa Karlovy Vary also heads into another spa resort – Jáchymov. That race will be followed by the Riviera of the North (8.–10. August), which will take its participants to Northern Bohemia and introduce them to its landmarks such as the city of Liberec, Ještěd mountain with its transmission tower, or the castle of Sychrov. Finally, the series will visit the city of beer, the birthplace of Pilsner beer, Plzeň, which will host the  Memorial F. A. Elstner (16. August). The main objective of the project is to link the races with the story of one particular car, as well as the historical or contemporary personalities connected to the region in which the event takes place. Thus, in the case of the Carlsbad Veteran Rally, there will be a journey in the footsteps of the car which was made in honor of Zdeněk Pohl and Jaroslav Hausman. On a vehicle of the same brand they acquired a silver medal at the world-famous Monte Carlo Rally in 1936!

Racing veterans will also come to Kutná Hora in August. One of the most visited Czech tourist cities has organized a traditional international race of historical vehicles to the top under the name Kutná Hora Veteran Rally & August Festival (15.–17. August). Only owners of historical vehicles constructed up to 1936 can register in the race.