Along the Castle Trail into a Time Long Ago

Along the Castle Trail into a Time Long Ago

Massive castles and romantic palaces, crooked streets of old cities, Middle Age churches, even proud city halls – these are all the things which the Burgenstrasse tourist trail offers!

Interesting tourist destinations, trips, family holidays – this is how one of the most famous European tourist trails, Burgenstrasse – Castle Trail is presented. A trail, almost 1200 km long, leads from the Prague, the city of hundred spires, all the way to Mannheim. It connects a number of castles and chateaus and passes by other attractive tourist destinations – for example, the historic cities of Cheb and Bečov nad Teplou in West Bohemia.

Night tours with ghosts. Walks along locations, where visitors are not usually guided. Tours accompanied by tasting coffees, teas, chocolates and other aristocratic drinks. Costume tours, depicting crimes which occurred at castles and chateaus. Sports performances of noblemen and male winter revels.  This is only a mere selection of the events which Czech castles and chateaus have prepared for the 2013 season. From the hundreds of places along the Castle Trail, less than twenty of them belong to the Czech Republic, but are definitely worth visiting.

It is not necessary to present the most attractive places along the Castle Trail. Prague Castle stands at the head of this trail, which is known by everyone who has ever visited the capital city of the Czech Republic.  At Karlštejn Castle, you must see the Chapel if the Holy Cross and St. Wenceslas crown jewels; in 2013 the costume exhibition from the film musical A Night on Karlstein is also worth visiting. The treasured Reliquary of St. Maurus at chateau Bečov nad Teplou equally deserves attention.

Apart from this, other new things await you. Did you know that in 2013, the Castle Trail – Burgenstrasse was extended by the renovated Palace Gardens? The magical baroque city of Manětín with a beautiful chateau is also something new on this trail. Křivoklát Castle is also entering the new season with some new things; they have prepared, for example, educational programmes for children and they have extended thetour all the way to the bulwarks! The 650th anniversary of the crowning of Wenceslas IV as the Czech King will also be celebrated, and, during the August Castle-Chateau Night, you will unveil the mysteries of the alchemist, Edward Kelly,during the night tour.

Točník Castle will also remember the oldest citizens of the noblemen residence. At this castle, the Castle-Chateau Night will take place with a Bat Party. You will meet with noblemen, their spirits and other ghosts from long ago with the passing summer months as well as during the night tours of Kynžvart Chateau, Kozel Chateau or Švihov Water Castle. Apart from traditional tours of the treasured interiors and exhibitions of games and toys of noble children, you will have the possibility to transform into a candidate for the position of the chamberlain during the theatrical tour at Caesar’s Yard at Hořovice Chateau.  Allow yourself also to be invited to the Medieval Celebration of the burgrave Puta at Loket Castle, to the Wallenstein Festival at Cheb Castle, and to other events which the castles and chateaus along the Castle Trail prepare annually.