Fairytale Region of Rock Towns and Vantage Points

Fairytale Region of Rock Towns and Vantage Points

The rock towns and natural beauty of Bohemian Paradise and Bohemian Switzerland are worth exploring slowly and up close.

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Did you know that Bohemian Paradise, an exceptional landscape full of rock towers and narrow ravines, is a UNESCO geopark? Or that Bohemian Switzerland National Park connects to the Saxon Switzerland National Park just across the border? If not, summer is the best time for a sightseeing trip.

Into the gorges or up to the vantage points?

The good transport connections and attractions on both sides of the border give the whole Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland region  a great name and reputation as one of the most popular destinations in Central Europe. The most beautiful places on the Czech side, apart from Pravčická Gate and the rock observation point near Jetřichovice also include Kamenice River near Hřensko and Edmund's Gorge and Wild Gorge, which a tour boat sails through. From the Mill to the Cabin and Back is a new exhibition in a cabin located between the two gorges. For families with children, the new adventure complex in Mezní louka is an enticing tip. Here, among several playground attractions, you can find the twin of the famous Pravčická Gate. Unlike the real stone one, you can climb it and slide down the slide with the kids or make your descent using the cableway with a pulley.
The lookout tower in Janov (near Děčín) provides a lovely view of a large portion of the national park and Pravčická Gate. The House of Bohemian Switzerland Visitor’s Center in Krásná Lípa, will introduce you to a variety of attractions.

Bohemian Paradise invites you to a new educational nature trail

The name Bohemian Paradise is said to have begun to be used for the surrounding countryside by enthusiastic visitors to Lázně Sedmihorky sometime during the 19th century. The designation soon became customary for the whole area, and today you will truly find everything you expect from paradise: diverse places of entertainment, tourism and leisure.
The marked trails, including several new nature trails, take you through the Prachov Rocks and Hrubá Skála rock town with the Bukovina arboretum, which lies between Valdštejn Castle and Hrubá Skála Chateau. Příhrazské Rocks with the ruins of Drábské Světničky Castle and Klokočské Rocks are worth exploring. Besides the natural beauty, monuments – ranging from Trosky Castle with its two typical towers (the tall slender Panna and the small stout Baba), to the peculiar Valečov Rock Castle, with a village carved into the rocks, and the massive Kost Castle, with the romantic Plakánek Valley – are worth checking out.
Like the two Pravčicka Gates in Bohemian Switzerland, there are two Trosky Castkes in Bohemian Paradise. The first is of course is the original; the second Trosky Castle is wooden and since the summer of 2015 has adorned the  Happy Land Leisure Resort and Family Center in Radvánovice at Turnov.