Pubs – a Czech Phenomenon

Pubs – a Czech Phenomenon

Where else to enjoy a beer than in the Czech Republic! But where to go?

Pubs – a Czech Phenomenon
The Czech Republic has many unique places that you won’t find anywhere else. It is not just the majestic Prague Castle or the beautiful winegrowing south-Moravian landscape. A typical Czech pub, a restaurant that specialises in perfectly cooled beer on tap, is also a unique place. And even though the individual beers do not differ much in ingredients, each mug of beer tastes different thanks to the production technology and adherence to proper tapping procedures. Come explore the traditions of Czech brewing, the beer and various breweries, from microbreweries to world-famous pubs!

The Oldest Czech Brewery with a Pub

The first and oldest documented Czech brewery is connected to the Břevnov Monastery in Prague, founded in 993. Even though the existence of the monastery brewery was not confirmed until mid-thirteenth century, beer was most likely brewed there when the monastery was founded. The monastery and the brewery were both abandoned in the Middle Ages and then in the 20th century and the brewing tradition interrupted. Therefore, the local monastery brewery cannot compete for the title of the oldest working brewery in the world. Today, you can find the prospering brewery in the former stables, and you can visit it either on a tour or when buying the local Benedict beer. Besides the regular lager, they also make several special beers using diverse types of malt and hops, and you can taste all of that in the Klášterní šenk restaurant or in Klášterní sýpka, which is a true alehouse – they specialise in perfectly served beer.

Legendary Prague Pubs

Where else than in Prague could you find a full range of stylish pubs with a pedigree? Have a “Pilsen” or a “cat” at the U dvou koček pub near St. Wenceslas Square. Warm meals and cold beer have been served there since 1678! They brought Pilsner Urquell from Plzeň to perfection, as well as their own beer Kočka. The local brew master makes the beer in the pub lobby. Composer Amadeus Mozart loved the pub and spend many a night there. He used to stay in a house across the street when visiting Prague. If one historical pub is not enough, try another. It is called U zlatého tygra and you will find it in Husova Street by the Old Town Square. Thanks to the excellent Pilsen beer and atmosphere that Bohumil Hrabal, a regular to the pub, made famous in his stories, it has become an iconic place not only for Czech beer lovers. Václav Havel, the first Czech president, also loved beer. He loved it so much that when US President Bill Clinton visited in 1994, they went to U zlatého tygra pub one evening! Today, they are proud to have hosted a Czech and an American president with good beer and food at an informal dinner. And what can you have there? The beer cheese is a local specialty – U zlatého tygra was the first pub where the manufacturer started to regularly supply this delicacy. Try it!

Modern Pub of the 21st Century

Some pubs and breweries prefer modern procedures and stylish interior to tradition. Such businesses include the Lokál pub chain that takes pride in not receiving a single complaint about its beer – they serve Pilsen. But you will find a pub that specialises in first-class service, dedicated to beer, in almost every bigger town. Beer is simply a typical beverage for many Czechs, so there’s always a reason to return whether you order a beer in an old romantic inn or inside an ultramodern glass interior.

Microbreweries with Pubs

About five hundred microbreweries and craft breweries can be found in the Czech Republic. And some of them offer their beer in their own or in affiliated pubs. One such company is the Raven craft brewery from Plzeň. They focus on top fermented beer made according to the latest global trends. During the few years of their existence, they made it to the top craft breweries in the Czech Republic and you will find their beer on the menu of the best beer bars all over the country and abroad. And where to taste it? How about one of the Raven Pubs in Plzeň!

Or would you rather have a beer in the mountains? Try the Trautenberk Brewery in Malá Úpa in the Krkonoše Mountains. It even holds one Czech record – the highest brewery in the country. It can be found in a mountain chalet at an altitude of 1,045 metres! They make both traditional lager and IPAs or ales according to the current trends. You can also have a tour of the brewery by prior appointment.