Jewish Traces in the Heart of Europe

Jewish Traces in the Heart of Europe

UNESCO monuments, the birth house of Freud, and Golem awaiting his resurrection

Jewish Traces in the Heart of Europe
There are many places in the Czech Republic that commemorate the Jewish community in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. You will find UNESCO landmarks, amazing synagogues and hundreds of forgotten Jewish cemeteries. We will show you the birth places of Franz Kafka, Sigmund Freud and who knows, you might even meet Rabbi Loew and revive the legendary Golem!

On the Track of Kafka and the Legendary Golem

The mysterious Prague Jewish town located in the historical centre is an inseparable part of the Old Town. It is a real treasure with many Jewish monuments of world importance. One of them is the Old New Synagogue, the oldest preserved synagogue in Europe, built at the end of the 13th century. A legend says that Golem is buried in its attic. World-famous Franz Kafka lived in the Prague Jewish town. His family house can be found near the Old Town Square. You can learn about his life at one of the special tours. Maisel Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue and Klausen Synagogue offer permanent exposition. They are a part of the Jewish Museum, an institution that has been taking care of the Jewish monuments in Prague, such as the Old Jewish Cemetery in the city centre, for more than a hundred years.

UNESCO Sites and Exemplary Junk Shop

St. Procopius’ Basilica and the Jewish town in Třebíč in the Vysočina region are both inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The Třebíč Jewish site is the only one inscribed on the list individually right after Jerusalem. Třebíč used to be an important centre of the Jewish culture in Moravia and the unique preserved Jewish town and basilica are a testimony of coexistence of the Jews and Christians. The Jewish town with dense development contains over 120 houses accompanied with buildings of former Jewish institutions – a town hall, a school, a rabbinate and an alms-house. The Rear Synagogue provides period information about the history of the Jewish town at its exposition. You should definitely visit the synagogue because its interior is decorated with unique Baroque painting, considered the oldest proof of synagogal decorations in Moravia. The house of Seligman Bauer is also remarkably interesting. You will find an exemplary junk shop on the ground floor, showing one of the typical activities of the Jews in the past. The first floor shows an authentic period housing of a not-so-wealthy Jewish family during the interwar period. The Třebíč Jewish town today is a small picturesque small town inside another town with cafés and guesthouses.

Psychoanalysis from Freud

To learn about the roots of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, visit the town of Příbor in the north of Moravia. He was born into a family of a Jewish fabric seller and even though he only spent the first three years of his life there, all his experience from that time influenced his whole life. You can see his family house, furnished and arranged to reflect the time when small Sigmund learned to walk and talk under the supervision of his mother.

Where to Go for Jewish Culture Festivals

SHAMAYIM Jewish Culture Festival in Třebíč (28–30/7/2022)
Days full of concerts, seminars, events for children and adults alike. You can look forward to special festival tours of the Jewish town, as well as tasting of kosher food and beverages.

Ha-Makom Jewish Culture Festival in Holešov (26–30/7/2022)
You can look forward to guided tours of the Moravian town of Holešov, exhibitions and concerts, not only of Jewish music.

Mikulov Days of Jewish Culture (23–25/9/2022)
Follow the footprints of the Jewish inhabitants and their culture during the festival in Mikulov. Join one of the guided tours of the Jewish cemetery, the synagogue or the Jewish town, enjoy some Jewish delicacies, go to one of the seminars, Klezmer music concerts, taste some kosher wine and watch a Jewish dance show.

Olomouc Days of Jewish Culture (October 2022)
Exhibitions, films, concerts and traditional cuisine – all of that awaits those who will come to the Olomouc Days of Jewish Culture in October.

Kosher Is Tasty!

Traditional food made according to the Jewish rules is tasty! Come see for yourselves in one of the Prague kosher restaurants that follow all the principles of kashrut in meal preparation. All the restaurants are in the centre of Prague, in the Jewish town of Josefov in the Old Town. Dinitz is the most famous and most popular among the locals and tourists alike. They specialise in traditional Middle East cuisine. The Chabad Kosher Grill is an adventure restaurant for fine dining with all it takes. And the third place – Shelanu Pizzeria is a must for all who love kosher vegetarian food!

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