Where Can You Go to Enjoy the Water if the Czech Republic Does Not Have a Sea?

Where Can You Go to Enjoy the Water if the Czech Republic Does Not Have a Sea?

Get ready for summer. We'll tell you where to go to cool off in a summer heat wave!

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Allow yourself to be lured in the summer months to relax at some of the water reservoirs, dams, ponds, and artificial swimming biotopes that you can encounter across the Czech Republic. You can look forward to pleasant spots on the beach, active relaxation in the water, as well as many other activities in the surrounding area. All of these things can make your summer holiday even better, even if there is no sea to be found in the Czech Republic.

The Vltava dams

The source of the longest Czech river, the Vltava lies in South Bohemia in Šumava. It flows through a number of historical cities, and north of Prague, at Mělník, it converges with the Elbe River. On its pilgrimage north, the Vltava has been harnessed by a number of dams that are not only a source of clean energy, but are also popular spots for recreation. In South Bohemia, the first you will encounter is Lipno, which is also the largest body of water in the entire Czech Republic. In light of the fact that the reservoir lies at an elevation of 700 metres above sea level, swimming here is only for those who will not mind cold water. However, the surrounding area offers countless other activities. For instance, you can visit the Lipno Treetop Walkway, the bike park, and the in-line skating track.
Another one of Vltava's dams is Orlík, on the border of South and Central Bohemia. The reservoir is deep, which makes it popular among yachters and fishermen. If you are neither of these, your visit to Orlík should at least include a tour of the romantic Orlík Castle. The Slapy Water Reservoir lies a short distance south of Prague. In addition to water sports such as yachting, water skiing, and windsurfing, it is very popular in the summer months for swimming.

Seč Dam

Seč Dam in East Bohemia near Pardubice offers visitors the opportunity to swim, dive, fish, surf, and yacht in natural surroundings. The dam lies in a protected landscape area, which is why the surrounding deep forests are criss-crossed with numerous hiking, cycling, and cross-country skiing trails. There are even equestrian trails for horses.

Vranov Dam

In South Moravia, not far from Podyjí National Park, lies a dam with a reservoir that is deservedly regarded to be one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Czech Republic. The thirty-kilometre-long reservoir with warm, clear water is situated in the gorgeous valley beneath the proud baroque chateau, Vranov nad Dyjí, and offers excellent conditions for swimming and water sports. What's more is that even in the hottest of summers, the quality of the water in Vranov Dam is some of the best in the Czech Republic.

Máchovo Lake

Although this body of water in Bohemian Paradise is called a lake, it is actually an artificial reservoir, or fishpond. In fact, it is one of the largest fishponds in the Czech Republic, and was established as early as the 14th century. Máchovo Lake is highly popular among tourists. In the summer, there are four beaches open, with countless attractions for young and old alike.

Natural biotopes: a modern trend

At first glance, biotopes are not that different from regular swimming areas. They are usually not very big, however, their primary bonus is clean water without chemical treatment, which means the water is suitable for people with allergies or eczema. The water is cleaned naturally by marsh plants. Without the microorganisms and bacteria that live in the gravel and on the roots of the aquatic plants, the biotope simply would not function.
Biotopes have begun to emerge in the suburbs of large cities as well. One of the most popular swimming biotopes over the past several years was established in Radotín, on the southern edge of Prague, on the banks of the Berounka River. When you visit Prague in the summer months, you simply must not miss out on a visit to this biotope, easily accessible from the city centre in just a few minutes by city train! In the south of the Moravian metropolis of Brno, you will find a natural biotope with clean and chemically-untreated water. The complex is located near the Svratka River, and the swimming area here is up to 3 metres deep.