Czech Castles and Chateaus Where Children Won’t Be Bored

Czech Castles and Chateaus Where Children Won’t Be Bored

Take your children on a trip to the past and explore castles and chateaus alive with history and folk tales. Do you have a princess or knight at home? Take them with you to destinations where they will have a good time!

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The summer is a time for well-being, relaxation, fulfilling your dreams, as well as for travelling and exploration. Everyone looks forward to the season – small children as well as their parents. We have some tips to make your children’s dreams come true and find the best opportunities for unforgettable adventures in the Czech Republic. Few girls would resist the opportunity to become a princess in a chateau full of beautiful horses, and almost every boy would love the idea of having a sleepover in a real medieval castle!

Kladruby Chateau and stud farm

Is there a girl that would not love beautiful and strong horses? Probably not. Your daughters, or sons of course, can enjoy such horses in Kladruby nad Labem, which lies near Pardubice in East Bohemia. The stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem is one of the oldest operating stud farms in the world. It was promoted to a royal court stud farm by Emperor Rudolf II in 1579, and it has been home to the Kladruber, a unique Czech horse breed, raised especially for the ceremonial purposes of royal courts, ever since. Today, this breed is used by royal courts in Denmark and Sweden. The tours will take you through the stables, the chateau with the Emperor’s and Empress’s chambers, the coach garage and the harness room. If you would like to experience how the nobility used to travel in the past, you can get on the unique coach ride simulator!

Labyrinths in Loučeň

The chateau park of Loučeň Chateau, northeast of Prague, offers a rare set of labyrinths and mazes, unparalleled in Central Europe! You and your kids can get lost, and found, in twelve labyrinths and mazes in the sixteen hectare chateau park. Each labyrinth is completely unique and your children definitely won’t be bored there. The fun also continues after sunset! There is an illuminated labyrinth in the chateau courtyard. And do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? No? Never mind, they will be happy to explain that to you at Loučeň Chateau. Children can also explore this Thurn-Taxis family estate during special guided tours for children. The chateau is one of the few that is open all year round, offering various events throughout the year.

Medieval Dětenice

The Dětenice Chateau resort north of Prague is known for its restaurant with medieval atmosphere. However, if you have been teaching your children to eat with a fork and knife instead of their hands you should avoid this place! They really take the medieval times seriously, and if you order a roasted chicken, you will enjoy it much better with your hands, the original medieval utensils. However, Dětenice is not only a medieval tavern, there is also a medieval hotel, brewery and, above all, the chateau, prepared for children. There are fairy-tale, spooky and witchcraft tours. In summer, you can watch real medieval jousting tournaments at the local tiltyard every Saturday and Sunday!

You can combine a trip to Dětenice with a visit to Staré Hrady Chateau and Castle in nearby Libáň, where you can experience a guided tour with a beautiful princess, a mischievous water nymph or a real witch. Moreover, the castle and chateau are home to more than thirty kinds of dragons! You definitely won’t be bored there!

In Cinderella’s footsteps to Švihov Castle

The medieval castle of Švihov is located in southwest Bohemia, near the Šumava National Park. It is a water castle, which means that a moat was used as a defensive strategy against the enemy. The moat is still partly filled with water today! You can go on a boat ride to understand how conquerors who besieged the castle felt… And those who know the Czech-German version of the Cinderella film can especially enjoy a visit to Švihov Castle, as it was selected as the location for the home of Cinderella and her evil stepmother. There is an exhibition dedicated to Cinderella, and also an educational trail around the castle that points out the best known film locations.

Live like noblemen and princesses

Some castles and chateaus in the Czech Republic offer a unique opportunity to enjoy overnight stays. For example, Kost Castle, located in Bohemian Paradise north of Prague, provides accommodation in a completely furnished suite. It is only for four people, so you will virtually be entirely alone in the castle for the night. The suite comes with an enclosed garden on the castle premises. You can also get your own chateau keys in Nové Město nad Metují near Hradec Králové in East Bohemia! The suites there are furnished with rare historical furniture, and the experience includes breakfast and a tour of the chateau. A suite with a view of the chateau gardens in Děčín Chateau in North Bohemia offers an unforgettable atmosphere. You can also get a room in the premises of Litomyšl Chateau, a listed UNESCO site, in the former chateau brewery where composer Bedřich Smetana was born.