Unconventional Gastronomic Adventures

Unconventional Gastronomic Adventures

Everyone likes to have dinner in a restaurant. But you can experience food in a different way!

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Our era favours adventure, particularly when it comes to food. We like to devote our time to things that are different, out of the ordinary, and are memorable in stories long after the fact. The Czech gastronomic scene offers an abundance of such interesting events: more and more new businesses are opening up, from those serving exotic dishes to those offering a unique take on the roots of traditional Czech cuisine. However, there are also places that offer not only a delicious dinner, but a perfect experience to go along with the meal. We’ll let you in on some of our favourite food adventures below.

Forbidden Taste

A new culinary concept has taken Prague by storm: pop-up restaurants. These appear for just one day to give you an incomparable experience. Have you ever eaten in a gallery, a shop, a basement, or an aircraft hangar? Some of the most exciting dinners can happen in just these kinds of places. Forbidden Taste is the first pop-up to find real success with this concept in Prague. The location where foodies will sit down to enjoy a good meal, as well as the menu for said meal and the team of chefs preparing it, are all kept secret until the very last moment – you only get all the details on the day of the dinner. But even then, surprises are in store: some information is withheld until the moment the food is served! To take part in Forbidden Taste, you must register in advance on their website. On the day of the dinner, participants receive a text message and an email with detailed information. The event is open to a maximum of 30 people, and each booking can accommodate a couple at the most. After the food, drinks are served and stories are told.

Manifesto Market – A Different Breed of Pop-Up

There are two places in Prague that are currently basking in their role as gastronomic paradises. Both are set in places that will be transformed beyond recognition in a few years and where hundreds of people will fill up offices every day. But before the construction starts, these are places that both foodies and hipsters dream of: converted transport containers full of pop-up buffets, fusion restaurants under the stars, bars, and designer shops. One Manifesto Market can be found between the Florenc bus station and the Masaryk train station. The second is in Smíchov, behind the on the west side of the Palacký Bridge. But a word of advice: they only accept payment by credit card!

Dinner in the Sky

Definitely not for those with a fear of heights! The name of the event says it all. The idea behind Dinner in the Sky is to offer unforgettable culinary experiences together with a great atmosphere and breathtaking views of the city. It’s really quite simple: you sit at a table in the evening and a special platform lifts you 50 metres above the ground. It is an adventurous concept that has found popularity all over the world, and in September 2019 you can experience it in Prague in Vinohrady’s Riegrovy sady. Together with twenty-one other foodies, you can enjoy an evening above the city along with a chef and their team on hand.

Dinner in a Private House

The gastronomic project of a married couple, Bytová restaurace Na faře, came to life in 2011 in the small village of Kmětíněves, northwest of Prague. The hosts welcome their guests at their home’s table. The concept was created spontaneously, out of dinners with friends in a former vicarage that is several centuries old. And why do we mention this household restaurant in a small village near Prague? Because it seems that they were not in fact the first to come up with this idea in the Czech Republic.
There is another popular home restaurant in Prague with very good reviews, called Čtyři schody (Four Stairs). And in the village of Nová Říše near Telč, on the border between Bohemia and Moravia, there is Bytová restaurace Venkovanky a location that no Czech foodie can omit, even though it may be quite far for many.