Five Microbreweries to Visit

Five Microbreweries to Visit

Join us on a journey with the Czech golden beverage

Five Microbreweries to Visit
When one says the Czech Republic, most people will think of Prague or beer. Today, we will introduce several interesting Czech microbreweries that you can come across when travelling around the country. A microbrewery is a producer that brews less than one million litres of beer, and there are about five hundred of such microbreweries in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The lower quantity lets them specialise in a specific type of beer or play with different kinds of malt and hops.

Kocour Brewery in Varnsdorf

Enjoy some delicious beer made in North Bohemia, in the town of Varnsdorf by the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. The brewery was founded a few years ago and they brew beer in a dozen different styles. Those are determined by the conditions, use of various hops and malts, type of fermentation, or even by cooperation of various brewers from different parts of the world, creating interesting new beer categories.  You can also enjoy all of that in the brewery restaurant during various events. They have lager, dark beer, smoked beer, but also semi-dark, extra bitter or fruit beer. The brewery strives to offer a wide range of beer specials, from strong lagers to different top-fermented beers, such as weizen, stout, saison or pale ale. You should definitely visit the brewery if you find yourselves in North Bohemia!

Lyer Brewery in Šumava

Several years ago, the new Lyer brewery with a pub and accommodation opened on the banks of the Roklanský stream in Modrava, in the very centre of Šumava. It was built on the foundations of an old, demolished farmhouse.  This microbrewery has one unique thing: they use a heat pump to cool the wort and the fermentation and lager tanks, while producing hot water. The use of this equipment considerably reduces the energy demands of the microbrewery and provides a more ecological operation in the heart of the national park. You can have a beer in the adjacent pub or take some home in PET bottles.

Clock Brewery in Potštejn

Potštejn is a small village in the foothills of the Orlické Mountains in East Bohemia. If it were not for the local brewery and the once impressive castle, now in ruins, it would be difficult to find a reason to visit this place. But now you have one thank to the Clock Brewery! Enthusiasm, the best ingredients, unorthodox approach – that is the brewery in Potštejn. You can taste different types of beer from all around the world in the local brewery restaurant. And what beer can you have? Almost any. Top-fermented Clock 12° APA, Exorcist 14° Foreign Extra Stout, wheat Goldie 11° Weizenbier, lager Hector 10°, or bottom-fermented, semi-dark Maid 12°. So, are you interested now?

Dva kohouti Brewery in Prague

The Prague Dva kohouti company is a brewery with a taproom under one roof. The brewery was founded by brewer Adam Matuška who has won many international awards with his beer. The brewery can be found in the block of houses in the Prague quarter of Karlín. The local beer experts claim that you will not find a better Pilsner beer anywhere else in Prague. Are they right?  Come see for yourselves.

Znojmo Municipal Brewery

One of the most beautiful microbreweries in the Czech Republic can be found in Moravia, in the town of Znojmo, only a few meters from the St. Catherine Rotunda with a view of the Podyjí National Park. At present, the brewery offers eleven types of beer – from unfiltered, through dark, tap beer, to six specials brewed throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy the Znojmo 11° and 12° lager all year round, as well as the special unfiltered light beer, Zetko 14, with a mild aroma of citrus. You can also go on a tour of the brewery, guided by a brewer. The tour also lets you taste the special malts, smell the different types of hops, and taste the best local beers.