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Czech Sacred Heritage
Jewish landmarks unparalleled in Europe, breath-taking Romanesque basilicas, monumental Gothic cathedrals and richly decorated Baroque churches. The variety, quantity and uniqueness of its sacred landmarks are the true Czech treasure. Where to start exploring? You can bet on the Vysočina Region. It is where you will find some of the most remarkable spiritual places. You must not miss the towns of Třebíč, Žďár nad Sázavou and Telč when wandering through Czechia. They are all protected by UNESCO.
The Most Beautiful Czech Sacred Landmarks

The Most Beautiful Czech Sacred Landmarks

Romanesque basilicas, mysterious Gothic cathedrals, opulent Baroque churches, monasteries, pilgrimage sites, Stations of the Cross, romantic chapels or mysterious Jewish landmarks... Czechia is literally covered with sacred buildings with a magical atmosphere. We have selected the most beautiful ones!