Galleries Invite Visitors on Interesting Tours

Galleries Invite Visitors on Interesting Tours

Modern Czech art galleries and museums are elegant, full of inspiration and acclaimed at home and abroad.

Spice up your stay in the Czech Republic by visiting Kampa Museum, which was included among the top ten museums in Europe. Or head to Kutná Hora, where you can see the winning exhibition of the National Competition of Museums in the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region / GASK. And do not forget the Prague exhibition of Andy Warhol!

Secret jewel of Prague: Kampa Museum

In May 2015, the British newspaper The Guardian ranked Prague's KampaMuseum among the top ten museums in Europe, so it is definitely worth a visit. Kampa Museum, located in the center of Prague on Kampa Island just a few meters from Charles Bridge, focuses on Central European modern art. Besides the exhibition of works of the founder of abstract art František Kupka or Otto Gutfreund, the museum also holds temporary exhibitions. The culmination of this year's season will be the autumn exhibition of Toyen, one of the most significant figures of 20th century art. You will see the works from private French collections, which rarely appear at exhibitions and for the first time in the Czech Republic.

I'm OK: Andy Warhol and exhibition in Prague

On account of its great success, the exhibition of Andy Warhol's works "I’m OK" was extended in the Gallery Of Art Prague in Renaissance palace At the White Unicorn on the Old Town Square in Prague until the end of 2015. On display is a unique collection of works by American pop art icon Andy Warhol, including classic works like Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup. The screen printing workshop is an attraction for creative visitors, so they can try Warhol's favorite technique. Apart from the exhibition you can see permanent exhibitions of the works of Alfons Mucha, Salvador Dali and Czech photographer Jan Saudek.

Trip Tip: award-winning exhibition in Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora, one of the Czech towns which is listed as a whole as a UNESCO heritage site, is in itself an attractive tourist destination. Besides the many monuments led by the Gothic Church of St. Barbara or the cathedral and ossuary in Sedlec, GASK – the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, located in the old Jesuit college, deserves your attention. The new permanent exhibition States of Mind - Beyond the Image won the national competition of museums Gloria musaealis 2014 in the category Museum Exhibition of the Year. The exhibition offers an interestingly ordered selection of the best works from the collections of, for example, Emil Filla, Josef Šíma, Jan Zrzavý, Toyen and other artists.