Bondgirl Rosamund Pike lives in the Czech Republic

Bondgirl Rosamund Pike lives in the Czech Republic

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In 2019, Rosamund Pike began filming the series The Wheel of Time in the Czech Republic. Due to a coronavirus pandemic, production was suspended last spring and resumed in September, but stopped filming again after a month. The actress stayed in Prague the whole time with her partner mathematician and a businessman Robie Uniacke, 60, and their two sons Solo, eight, and Atom, six, while shooting the series.
Speaking on one of the last Graham Norton show, the Bondgirl from Die Another Day said: "I'm working here so we decided instead of the constant back and forth we would all up sticks and move here. " Rosamund is currently filming as Moiraine the sorceress in The Wheel of Time, an adaptation of Robert Jordan’s cult novel series of the same name, hence the impulsive move abroad.

She praised her family for enjoying life in the Czech capital Prague. "It is a city of culture and various opportunities. It is in Central Europe and is ideal for trips by car," she said, adding that she also likes to ride bikes with her children.

Pike added for Vough Czech edition magazine that she found Czech friends in the Czech Republic and discovered amazing personalities. "You have something great, multi-layered in nature. There are a lot of interesting creative people. For everyone who works on the series I'm shooting here, from architects, technicians to designers, I see an interest in craftsmanship, working with leather, metals, architecture. This is phenomenal. Then you have great music. I found a teacher here and started playing the cello again, which I hadn't done for seventeen years, "Pike emphasized.

In addition to composers, she is also said to be discovering many traditions that he had no idea about. "Like fish at Christmas. I learned that you have live carp in the bathtub. I wish I knew it sooner, I'd buy it for the kids. They would love it. The only thing I'm having trouble with here is flour when I bake bread. I've found that you have a lot of species. Coarse, smooth, spelled (listed in Czech). I had no idea you could talk to someone about flour. Right here, "Pike told Vough.

She also took family on a rafting trip to Český Krumlov in South Bohemia. She learned that it is a traditional Czech family activity with children. "There was a really beautiful river (Vltava) in Český Krumlov and there are rapids and weirs. I took my two boys on an inflatable boat and it was wonderful," said the star of the new film Like in Cotton.

At first they admired the beauty of nature. However, the actress did not take into account the fact that it is also a popular place for a bachelor party. "It simply came to our notice then. On the way, we came across a group of scantily clad girls in bikinis with an inflatable doll, which they were pulling behind a boat. Then they threw the shot at a neighboring boat. So my children were fascinated," she described a funny story.

When quizzed on whether she'd learned another language in lockdown, the actress said that not Czech but Mandarin was the family favorite. She revealed: "My kids speak Mandarin, so they have been home-schooling me." But she herself is able to understand Czech at least in shops. She only knows the basics, she has no teacher and learn by listening.

The Wheel of Time is an adventure fantasy series in which Rosamunde Pike plays Moiraine, a member of the women's magic organization Aes Sedai, which seeks to save the world from destruction. Rosamund is set to star also in the new Netflix comedy thriller I Care A Lot. The award-winning actress plays the villainous Marla Grayson, who makes her living serving as a court-appointed legal guardian for the vulnerable elderly.