Tips for Tram Fans
Looking for unusual adventures? Then you are at the right address! We are introducing interesting things to be tried and experienced in relation to public tramways in the Czech Republic. Enjoy some unique moments, nostalgic and scenic tram lines, or take a tram from a town to a town!

Daydream along a Nostalgic Line

Admire the beauty of Prague along the special tram line no. 42 with historical cars that runs from spring to autumn. It connects the landmarks in the city centre along a loop line and stops at all the tram stops along the route as a hop-on/hop-off service. The line stops within a walking distance to important landmarks, such as the Municipal House, Charles Bridge or the Petřín Lookout Tower. Tickets can be purchased directly on the tram from the conductor dressed in a historical uniform, cash or card. The tram alternates between historical cars. The oldest one comes from the times before WWI, the more modern ones are from the turn of the 1960s. A similar tram line can be found in Ostrava where the historical tram runs at special occasions, such as the Museum Night at the end of May, or during the Advent before Christmas. Brno sends its historical gems to the tracks during the weekends in July and August.

Celebrating? Try a Stylish Tram!

The T3 trams were running in Prague for almost fifty years. Therefore, the Prague Public Transit Company decided to create a sightseeing tram in cooperation with designer Anna Marešová, following the tradition of the legendary cars. The tram has been fully modernised, but it preserves the spirit of the time of its making, i.e., the 1960s. In 2019, the tram won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. You can rent the tram for a sightseeing tour, a birthday party or another exceptional event by prior appointment.

Learn Where Trams Have a Rest

The tram depot in Prague, near the Prague Castle, has a unique collection of historical public transit vehicles – in the Public Transit Museum. The museum has more than forty historical trams, buses and trolleybuses as well as other exhibits – models, photographs, historical documents, tickets and maps. You can see a whole collection of all trams that used to ride along the Prague tracks, as well as a unique historical tram from WWII with windows coated with blue paint as a part of the air-raid protection. The depot was built in 1909 and it is a typical example of purpose-built transport structures of the Power Companies of the Royal Capital City of Prague from the beginning of the Prague public transit.

Taking a Tram to the Pool, Ski Slope or for a Hike

The tram traffic in the Czech Republic offers an interesting thing. In three cities, trams as a typical city element leave the cities for the countryside and you can literally enjoy a ride through the woods. On the tram. How? In Ostrava, in the north of Moravia, a tram line leaves the boundaries of the city and travels along the tracks through the nearby villages. In the 1950s when the railway closed down, people did not want to cancel the service completely and converted the railway to tramway. It is a single track and runs through the woods and villages past the largest outdoor pool in Central Europe. But it can also take you to a small ski slope. So, bring a swimming suit or skis with you, according to the season! The second interesting line is the tramway service between two North Bohemian towns: Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou. The entire track from Liberec to Jablonec is 13 kilometres long and it takes thirty minutes. The unique track passes through beautiful woods and foothill villages.

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