Cloud Trail in Dolní Morava and other tips for autumn walks in the Czech Republic

Cloud Trail in Dolní Morava and other tips for autumn walks in the Czech Republic

To fly to the sky is just a dream for many people, but in Dolní Morava you can at least walk to it.

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The first visitors to the unique Cloud Trail will set out on it in late autumn 2015. The complex is located near the Sněžník cable lift 1,116 meters above sea level. Thanks to the trail, it will be possible to go another 55 meters higher.
It sounds tough, but don’t worry about any exhausting trek – it’s also possible to get to the top of the complex with a stroller and wheelchair. If anyone still gets tired, they can rest up in the relaxation center and, rather than walking down, take the coaster ride to the foot of the trail. The walk in the clouds offers views of the massif Kralický Sněžníku, the Morava River and the distant ridges of Jeseníky and Krkonoše. In the beautiful colors of autumn, moreover.

Autumn in Prague like nowhere else

Go to Prague for the shades of autumn. You can enjoy beautiful walks in the center, will find a romantic atmosphere on Charles BridgeKampa Island is a small village in the middle of a big city. It got the name Prague Venice because of its park and canal. You can spend the entire day in the biggest park in Prague, the Royal Game Preserve called Stromovka. But it’s also worth it to go further out from the center, like to Prokop Valley, which reaches a depth of 70 meters. A nature trail interweaves the preserve and takes you to steep cliffs, abandoned quarries and dark caves, where there are still remnants of prehistoric humans and animals. You will find a romantic setting just outside of Prague like in a fairytale. Průhonice Park has been shot many times in films of this genre. The beautiful castle surrounded by greenery is certainly photogenic, but it’s even better to see it “live”. Even though it’s not immediately in Prague, it’s still ranked among its UNESCO sites.

In the treetops at Lipno

While you will find company among the birds on the Cloud Trail in Dolní Morava, it will be the squirrels at Lipno in southern Bohemia. This wheelchair accessible trail will take you from the tree trunks up to the crowns. It is 675 meters long, and includes a dry slide and 40 meter high tower. From there you can catch all the autumn colors of Šumava and Novohrad Mountains. In good weather you can also catch a glimpse of the Alps. You can extend your excursion on Treetop Trail to Český Krumlov or to Šumava.

Autumn relaxation at the spa

There is another Treetop Trail in the West Bohemian Spa Triangle. You can combine a nice autumn walk in the woods near Carlsbad with a pleasant outing to the St. Linhart preserve and wooden construction called Tree Life, which stands 15 meters high. An instructor will oversee your safety. And if by chance you can no longer move your muscles, you can have a professional massage done in one of the many spa houses in Carlsbad. You can also encounter deep forests with several springs near Marianbad and Franzensbad.