Discover Places in the Czech Republic with Positive Energy, That Will Recharge Your Batteries

Discover Places in the Czech Republic with Positive Energy, That Will Recharge Your Batteries

Do you feel exhausted and need to regain your strength? In our tips you will find many places verified by people where you will feel great and that will recharge you with positive energy.

If you are among those who listen to nature and want to discover something more than architectural monuments - something you will not see with your eyes, let yourself be guided and the place itself will reveal some of its secrets to you. If you believe in things between heaven and earth, try the magic power of nature!

People in the countryside since time immemorial have sought and found the places where they felt special energy radiating - sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Positive forces played an important role in the establishment of settlements, towns and shrines. Some places from earlier periods were also used by the builders of churches and temples, and other places have been preserved in the wild. However, the quality and character of these forces may be different, as well as their effects. In one place you can find physical regeneration and in another comfort for the soul.

Healing energy from the interior of mountains and hills

Hostýn Hill the eastern part of Moravia with its Marian shrine is the most visited pilgrimage site in Moravia. The Celts came into the picture about two centuries BC and built a large fort while the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary itself was built in the 18th century. It has not lost any of its positive forces until today. If you stay here a while, the place will literally fill you with pleasant energy, until a feeling of warmth and relief sets in.

One of the striking natural landmarks of Mikulov is Holy Hill (Svatý kopeček). On the hill the Church of St. Sebastian, the Bell Tower and the way of the cross can be found and right in the location of the bell tower there is a very strong source of dynamic earth energy - just come here, sit or lie down and let this force act upon you.

Říp Hill was always a dominate landmark of the surrounding areas and the geological conditions at the site since ancient times have ensured a powerful radiation from the Earth's interior to the wider surroundings. Deliberately try to touch the walls of the rotunda with both hands and maybe you will feel a gentle vibration.

Magical power of monasteries and temples

The space of the never finished church in Panenský Týnec in the Central Bohemian Mountains attracts all sorts of psychics, healers, spiritual folk and artists. Even less sensitive people here perceive a strong positive zone, for example by feeling a tingling in the extremities. You do not have to worry that you won’t recognize the place with magical energy- the beaten path will help you along with "well worn" places on the walls of the building. Stanislav Brázda measured in the premises of the temple positive zone number 8, the strongest healing that inhibits depression and fosters a good mood, enthusiasm and joy for life.

Rosa coeli, the rose of heaven directly acts on sensitive individuals magically. Originally, it was the oldest Moravian female convent, built in 1181 in the style of Luxembourg Gothic. Today only the main wall and some of the vaults have been preserved and the building an unprecedented magic - within the walls you can admire the starry sky in the place of the vaulted ceiling and if you are sensitive in nature, you will feel positive energy waves flow around you.

An extremely strong place is also the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Neratov in the valley of the upper stream of Wild Eagle. While you walk inside the church, you will have the sky overhead - this is due to the original glass roof of the church. The tradition of the miraculous pilgrimage site began in the Baroque period, when the love statue of the Virgin Mary came into being. With her help and the power of the local spring, hundreds of pilgrims were soon "miraculously" healed. Two powerful positive energy points are located just inside the church.

The Pilgrimage Church in Křtiny is one of our oldest pilgrimage sites. The chapel was probably completed in the late 20s of the 18th century. In 1728 the construction of the church began. Its rough structure was completed in 1744, while the consecration took place in 1771. During the great fire of 1844 all the roofs burned and were reconstructed the following year. According to an old story the saints Cyril and Methodius baptized their disciples in the local valley.

The truth is that the Baroque architect Santini was well versed in mystical theories and also applied that in his buildings. The great builder knew the Kabbalah, energy and numerology and was also able to work with energy points. You can see for yourself in a number of other structures, such as Kladruby Monastery, Green Mountain in Žďár nad Sázavou, Calvary in Jaroměřice u Jevíčka, the Church of St. Wenceslas in Zvole and other places.