The Znojemsko area – the family silver in a glass of wine

Znojemsko is an area which is inherently linked to grapevines, gherkins, the Podyjí National Park and the monumental chateau in Vranov nad Dyjí. The actual city of Znojmo is then a true treasury of historical monuments with a wealth of cultural life, where lively grape harvest celebrations reign every year. Visitors who come here will find a picturesque and hospitable corner of the Czech Republic, which is definitely worth a visit.

Harmonious countryside peppered with vineyards, wine cellars and little churches is absolutely typical for Znojemsko. The important winemaking villages include Bantice, Dobšice, Ivančice, Lechovice, Šatov and many others. Just as typical are the traditions still alive today, which are passed down from generation to generation. Znojmo is one of the richest of Moravian cities with regards to the number of cultural monuments to be found here and their importance.

An underground labyrinth full of surprises

Anybody who likes mysterious places charged with a strange energy should not fail to take a tour of the Znojmo underground, which is one of the largest underground systems in Central Europe with a length of 30 km and as many as 4 levels. The mysterious exhibition here will introduce you to fairytale characters, an alchemist’s workshop and prison cells. Make sure to also take a look at the Gothic Minorite monastery or Znojmo Castle set on a steep cliff. The important monuments also include the monumental Loucký Monastery dating back to the 12th century, where you can visit the Cooperage and Winemaking Museum. Znojemsko proudly boasts Bítov Castle, which was established as a fortress to protect the southern border of the Přemysl state. The Czechoslovak Šatov fortifications are also worth a visit.

You will fall in love with Znojemsko by bike

The history of winemaking in this region dates right back to the time of the Romans. King John of Luxemburg allowed the city of Znojmo to trade in salt and wine in a document dated 1326 from Bacharach and thus facilitated establishment of the first vineyards. Wine from the Znojmo Region was then regularly found on the tables of Czech kings. One of the most popular specialities of this region is the so-called Wine Trail. This is the perfect combination of a bike ride through beautiful countryside full of vineyards and meeting people who have devoted their whole lives to cultivating grapes. The Znojmo Wine Trail offers sections in the area around Hostěradice and Moravský Krumlov.

Where else to set out for?

When travelling by bike, you can ride through the romantic countryside of Podyjí National Park, which is an example of a well-preserved river valley in the woody landscape of Moravia. It is characterised by unique sceneries, created by a varied mosaic of rocks, river bends and gullies. You can also visit the unique Lednice-Valtice Complex, which has been included on the UNESCO world heritage list thanks to its unique nature and beauty. Make sure to visit the royal city of Znojmo during the grape harvest too.