7 Tips on where to Go in the Czech Republic for Some Great Bike, Adrenaline and Wine Experiences

7 Tips on where to Go in the Czech Republic for Some Great Bike, Adrenaline and Wine Experiences

Get your bike ready and head for the Czech Republic, either to relax or embark on an adventure.

Cycling and the Czech Republic go together like hand and glove. A fact well demonstrated by the number of cycle paths, which continue to increase. Routes along Czech and Moravian rivers are always being extended, single-tracks through untouched nature amidst wild mountain scenery are emerging and more and more cyclists indulge in bike rides along the romantic vineyards in South Moravia. Why not join them? To start with, we have prepared for you seven exciting ideas.

1.A relaxing cycling holiday along the Elbe Route

If you wish to feast your eyes on beautiful scenery from the saddle of your bike, forget your everyday worries and enjoy a long easy ride spiced up with historical sites and beautiful countryside, then head for the water. Many Czech rivers are lined with good-quality cycle paths, which will take you to interesting historical towns, architectural gems as well as natural attractions.

One of the most popular paths is the Elbe Route, leading from the source of the Elbe in the Krkonoše Mountains, past medieval towns such as Mělník and Brandýs nad Labem as far as unique rock formations in Bohemian Switzerland. It is popular among families with children as well long-distance cyclists because its elevation profile is quite undemanding. Before Mělník it is possible to join the route from the direction of Prague, or travelling in the opposite direction one can head for the capital city.  The Elbe Route leads from the Czech Republic further into Germany, turning into the famous Elberadweg.

2.Cycling between two capitals - Prague-Vienna Greenway

From Prague you can set out for the Austrian capital - Vienna. The two cities are connected with the Greenway, guiding bikers past Tábor and Jindřichův Hradec and then further onto Podyjí National Park and quite close to the Lednice-Valtice Complex (UNESCO), regarded by conservationists as one of the largest composed landscape areas in the world. In addition, cyclists will undoubtedly appreciate the favourable terrain.

Vienna can be accessed along another cycle path - this time from Brno. To the west it leads past the picturesque Pálava, renowned in the Czech Republic and beyond as a region of excellent wine. But you can find out more about that a bit later.

3.Along the River Ohře

However, let us move to another river and bike trail, this time in the west of the Czech Republic. The route leads from the source of the River Ohře via Cheb and continues through the famous spa triangle to the noted beer area around the town of Žatec. The trail finishes in Litoměřice, where the Ohře flows into the Elbe, and where it is possible to join the already mentioned Elbe Route.

4.Pedalling through the pond region

A relaxed cycling holiday also awaits you in Třeboň. The local serene pond area seems as if it was created especially for casual bike trips (originally it was set up by the powerful Rožmberk (Rosenbergs) family for fish farming in the 14th century, but the easy terrain is a big bonus for cyclists these days).

5.Across Moravia

Similar conditions can be found in Moravia, where cyclists saddle their bikes to follow the Baťa Canal.  It was created a little later – in the first half of the 19th century, for economic reasons. Now the area surrounding the canal is also used by cyclists and inline skaters, who can travel along for up to 80 kilometres.

6.Adrenalin experience called single-track

If the idea of long, straight, stretching trails brings a yawn to your face, and your perfect holiday needs to be spiced up with some excitement and adrenaline, then you can set out for one of the single-tracks (single trails) in the Rychlebské Mountains. The place itself is quite unique, since for a long time it has remained untouched, probably thanks to its location, as it almost hides between Poland and the Jeseníky Mountains. To date, the Rychlebské Mountains rank among the spots where Mother Nature has been left to her own devices. Set up a few years ago not far from the castle ruins of Kaltenštejn in the area around Black Water, the network of modern single-tracks stretches over tens of kilometres in total. So the Rychlebské Mountains are coming to life very quickly.

More single-track bike trails climb up and down the steep hills of the beautiful Jizerské Mountains in the north of the Czech Republic. The highest peak located in the Czech section is called Smrk (Spruce) and the wild terrain of its slopes promises a healthy dose of adrenalin and the experience of unspoilt nature.

A brand new single-track can be enjoyed in the Dolní Morava Sports Resort, which offers a wide range of various sporting activities. The centre is a great starting point for mountain hiking and it also attracts people to the recently opened amazing Sky Walk along with a children’s fun park and a water park.

More MTB single trails can be found in Mysločovice, Bílá and in Kyčerka, Moravia, while in South Bohemia you can head for the Javorník Routes and in East Bohemia for the Trutnov Trails.

7.Cycling trips for gourmets

There is a special category of bike trips focusing on the wine tradition of South Moravia. The area boasts a dense network of bike trails with the main route leading from Znojmo to Uherské Hradiště. Measuring 1200 kilometres in total, the wine cycle trails will guide you through small villages with cosy wine cellars and past historical and natural sites. You can get to the centre of this wine-growing area, i.e. the town of Mikulov, then to Břeclav and as far as the Lednice-Valtice Complex. In addition, throughout the year South Moravia holds many festivals and specialized tours are also organised for the public.

Wine trails will take you not only to explore interesting places of South of Moravia, but also to taste wine and meet people whose lifelong love is growing vines. You can experience the unique atmosphere when biking amidst vineyards but also after your trip, when relaxing in a cosy guesthouse you can reward yourself with wine of the highest quality.