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Museums and expositions are sometimes interesting, but after a while one gets tired from walking along glass displays full of immobile exhibits. We will give you several tips where neither you, nor your children will get bored. A little bit of live history, science and special effects have never hurt anyone!

Stop to boring museums

A museum doesn’t have to boring! The new museum in the chateau in Žďár nad Sázavou is definitely not boring: You have to touch the exhibits. The unusual museum is a key to understanding the premises of the chateau, a former monastery, as well as the Baroque period.
The museum, with state-of-the-art audio and video technology, was built on two reconstructed floors of the former chateau brewery. The premises breathe history with every step. As soon as you enter the museum, the mysterious atmosphere will completely swallow you up and transfer you to the Middle Ages and the Cistercian Order who founded the chateau. The exhibits have their own stories, and each stop teaches you something and urges you to explore more.
The second floor is home to a mirror kaleidoscope, from which you will enter the world of Baroque. You will learn about some of the secrets of the Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Zelená hora, which is a UNESCO site, or meet the brilliant architect Jan Santini Aichel.

Techmania Science Centre

In west-Bohemian Plzen, you can also touch the exhibits. Once again... You have to touch the exhibits! The area of the scientific Techmania offers new interactive expositions, science and technology shows, laboratories and workshops. In addition, you can also visit the only 3D planetarium in the Czech Republic here.
The science centre includes interactive exhibits that teach about mathematical and physical principles, nature laws and phenomena through a play. You will find that science and technology are all around us and that physics and mathematics are hidden in everyday things. We guarantee that you will not get bored!

Karel Zeman Museum

In Prague, right next to the Charles Bridge, is an almost hidden entrance to a museum that will amaze you. It is dedicated to Czech filmmaker Karel Zeman, who made special effects films in 1950s and 1960s that were often ahead of their time. Without any computer graphics and with painting scenes in post-production, Zeman made movies that the Czechs still like to this day. The museum is dedicated to the three most famous movies in which actors were perfectly combined with the scenery, and in which Zeman literally performed magic with perspective and optical illusions.
In the exposition, you can visit a reconstruction of the film studios, where you can try the effects and techniques that Zeman and his followers used. You can climb a tower, pretend to be a giant and a dwarf, open the floodgate or flood the courtyard.