Winter Romance in the Czech Republic

Winter Romance in the Czech Republic

A crackling fire in the fireplace, snow covered mountains and monuments. Can you imagine a more romantic picture?

Winter has its charm and can awaken the romantic soul in us. After all, a warm fireplace, good food and drink and wellness procedures after a day spent on the snowy slopes or after a walk in the winter city has no equal!

How to enjoy winter in Prague

Even if you don’t desire long walks around the city, it is still possible to enjoy Prague to the fullest. Why not visit an interesting exhibition, go out to eat or play sports with panoramic views of the hundred-spired city?


If you're a fan of early medieval art, do not miss the exhibition Open the Garden of Eden - Benedictines in the heart of Europe, 800-1300, which takes place until March 15. The exhibition show its visitors the top works of the Benedictine Order during its activities in Central European countries.

Good food

The two star Michelin restaurant in Prague - La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise and Alcron, will gladly welcome you. There you will find typical Czech cuisine winter, which will warm you up in winter. The best Czech restaurants traditionally come together in January and February in the Grand Restaurant Festival, which will allow you to purchase a voucher and enjoy a multiple-course gourmet tasting in the restaurants of the top chefs. This year the Grand Restaurant Festival will take place from 15.1. to 28.2.

Warm up in a Czech Spa and sauna

Czech spas have a centuries-old tradition. Let yourself be pampered even on the days when the weather shows its harsh face! You can go to the spa with the hottest springs, to Karlovy Vary, where the springs are as hot as 73°C, or to the spa with the cleanest air in Central Europe, to Karlova Studánka in the heart of Jeseník. Moreover, these baths are also suitable for those who want to relieve the soul of civilization, the community of Karlova Studánka has in fact only 250 permanent residents.

And what would winter be without a sauna? During the winter season you can also take a sauna directly in the center of Prague in the Czech Republic on a boat overlooking Prague’s Hradčany. In the Spa on a boat you can even jump right into the Vltava River after a sauna and do a few frozen temps with a view of Prague Castle. The sauna is small and usually full, so we recommend booking at least a few days in advance.

Go cross-country skiing on the sparkling plains

The Šumava arterial road ski-trail cuts across all of Šumava. It connects Šumava from Železná Ruda to Lipno and leads through the best-known and most beautiful corners of Šumava. In total, you can comfortably travel along it up to 140 km. You will need several days to go through all of it. You can stay in the small family guest houses, which can be found along the way. The heart of Šumava, and the entire arterial road, is situated in the small village Modrava, where you can cool off in the newly opened stylish breweries and taste the golden drink from the highest situated brewery in the whole Czech Republic. If you go all the way to Lipno and the freezing weather is favorable, on the frozen Lipno lake you will find the longest skating track in the Czech Republic! According to conditions, it is 11 to 38 km long.

One of the most scenic cross-country ski areas in the Czech Republic is the Jizera Mountains, where there is usually snow even when it can’t be found anywhere else. The ascents there are fairly compensated for by nice downhills plus the Jizera Trail stretches through the whole mountain range. The trail from Bedřichov to Nová Louka where you can refresh yourself in Šámal cottage is being adjusted on a regular basis. In addition, the trail goes approximately the same route as the participants of the famous race Jizerská padesátka.