The Beauty of the Czech Republic from the Seat of a Motorbike

The Beauty of the Czech Republic from the Seat of a Motorbike

The best view of the world is not from the horse's saddle, but from a motorcycle! At least that’s what bikers say...

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The Czech Republic is not a large country. There are neither deserts, mountains nor the sea. Yet in spite of this it's very popular among bikers. There are breath-taking sceneries here with many historical sites and winding roads in the mountains or through rock formations. We will give you some tips on where to go when you want to take your bike for a ride.

Beauty of the Kokořín protected area

One of the favourite places for motorcyclists are the scenic roads in the rocky valleys of Kokořín, located just north of Prague near the town of Mělník. The route winds through a valley called Kokořínský důl. At the end of the road is the medieval Kokořín Castle, from where you can enjoy distant views across the whole region. In the summer season the castle is open every day except Monday. In the Kokořín area you can also visit the medieval Houska Castle. According to legend a gateway to hell is located there. Aren’t you afraid? Come and see for yourself! A great third motorcycle stop not to be missed is the proud medieval Bezděz Castle. Bezděz is a monumental landmark, built on a hill, offering great views of the whole region you have just passed through.

On a motorbike down to the underground?

In the woods between the villages of Svitava and Velenice in North Bohemia, a short distance from České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland National Park), a turn in the road will take you to an extensive sandstone rock cave complex. It is called Pekelné Doly (Hell’s Mine), or sometimes called the Biker’s Cave, as it doubles up as a motorcycle club with a variety of events from concerts to tour rides around the area. The cave belongs to the largest underground sandstone complex in Europe. The advantage is that you can approach the bar directly on your bike and it will not seem strange to anyone. During events you can even spend a night there on request.

Fun in the Šumava woods

Do you love longer road trips? Try a summer ride through the South Bohemian Šumava! The region offers quiet asphalt roads and plenty of attractive curves. A popular trail among bikers goes through the Šumava forests from Sušice to the town of Kašperské Hory. There you can visit the majestic forest castle of Kašperk. From there, head back to Rejštejn and along the Otava River through Srní to the heart of the National Park to the village of Modrava. Along the way you will find great bends with a perfect surface, where you can corner your bike like a pro! From Modrava you can go further to Kvilda and the town of Borová Lada along the upper course of the Vltava River. The road slowly leaves the Šumava forests and heads towards the town of Volary, from where you can continue to Lipno dam and find a place to stay overnight.

Nature and sights of Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise)

You can also plan a trip to the scenic area of the Bohemian Paradise with rock towns, folk architecture and historical sites. From Prague you can take a short drive on a highway to Mnichovo Hradiště. Be sure to visit the baroque castle there. And if you still don’t have enough history you can visit the medieval Kost Castle, the ruins of Trosky, and Hrubá Skála Castle. You can then take the local roads to Kozákov hill, where you can try your luck and find a semiprecious stone. Finally, visit the last castle at Hrubý Rohozec, and then take the road back to Mnichovo Hradiště or Prague.

The Great Jeseníky Mountains

Beautiful nature, new roads and beautiful bends – all of that can be found in the Jeseníky mountain range in North Moravia. You can start your road-trip in Šumperk. From the city of Šumperk head up the Desná River and be sure to stop in Velké Losiny, where in addition to the castle, you can visit a unique handmade paper manufacturer, one of the last of its kind in Europe! Then continue through beautiful sharp turns to Červenohorské sedlo peak at 1,013 metres. The path will lead you up to the mountain spa of Karlova Studánka, known for its clean air, healing mineral water and unspoiled nature. After visiting the spa continue to Rýmařov, from where you can climb to the Skřítek moorland lying at a height of 867 metres. This moorland area is home to many protected species of plants and animals and an educational foot trail. From here return to Šumperk.

Some good advice at the end

And how should you behave on Czech roads? Please be careful and respectful to nature, people and also consider your riding skills. On motorways the speed is limited to 130 km/h, out of town please drive a maximum 90 km/h, and in the municipalities, unless marked otherwise, please drive no faster than 50 km/h. Long and straight sections of the roads may tempt you to speed up, but please make your safety and the safety of others a priority. Due to the fact that the whole Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and the European Union (the Schengen area) feel free to cross the borders. You only need to have a passport or state ID, an international driving license for the motorcycle, and valid motorcycle insurance to enjoy endless views from the saddle of your iron horse!