Atypical Accommodation for Atypical Travellers

Atypical Accommodation for Atypical Travellers

Where to spend the night and have the adventure of a lifetime

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Travelling comes with adventures: exploring unusual places, seeing unique sights, having unforgettable experiences. One such experience is often staying in hotels or guesthouses. But would you like some tips for accommodations that guarantee a novel experience? Maybe even the standout adventure of your lifetime! A mill, a monastery, or a 500-year-old tower. The Czech Republic offers many unusual options, many of which we have already mentioned. Let us inspire you with even more tips on interesting places to stay.

In a mill

Accommodation in an old mill will be a great adventure for you and your children. The Porčův mlýn guesthouse in Býkovice is not far from Brno in South Moravia.  There are only three rooms available, each with rustic but stylish interiors, and you are sure to be welcomed with love. Moreover, the mill is fully operational and the owners will be happy to show you and your children how grain was ground into flour in the olden days. There are also opportunities to go swimming or to visit an inn in the evening. Another option is the Bukovanský mlýn hotel in Bukovany in Slovácko, which also offers rustic-style interiors.

In the clouds

Try to spend at least one night in the Ještěd hotel near Liberec in Northern Bohemia: staying there is truly an adventure. Most notably of all, the hotel is located at the top of the mountain, an altitude of 1,012 metres, and the hotel itself is an outstanding work of architecture that has truly earned its place in textbooks. It is often cloudy once you reach the summit, but when the clouds finally do clear, you will get a view as if you were in an airplane. In the evening, you can look down upon the city lights of Liberec.
We have one more tip for sleeping in the clouds to share. There is a TV tower near the centre of Prague, and inside the tower you will find the One Room Hotel. As the name suggests, there is only one room there. But there, from an almost entirely glassed-in room 70 metres in the air, you can see Prague spreading out before you. It is a luxurious experience that is truly unlike any other!

In a movie

The Anybody Hotel in Brno is very unconventional. There is no reception desk, just a digital kiosk. What’s more, the combination of a Baroque exterior – the hotel is located in a former palace – and the rooms inspired by famous films is truly original. In the Anybody Hotel, you can become anybody for a night. You can make all your Hollywood dreams come true or you can just relax and have fun. The hotel provides a unique adventure tailor made just for you – from the process of selecting a room, to its interactive furnishings, to the unique ‘game’ inspired by the film that awaits you in each room.

On hay

Sleeping on hay is an experience that you will not forget! Long ago, mattresses were stuffed with hay and straw. Today, you can find out for yourself just how comfortable beds used to be. In the middle of Krkonoše in the north of Bohemia, right below Sněžka, there is a small cottage called Slamák pod miliony hvězd. They will take a good care of you: the owners offer a full service – food, drinks, various amenities, and transport. The cottage is small – it is only meant for two people – but inside there is a huge hay-filled bed and a see-through roof! After your one-of-a-kind sleeping experience with a great view, you can also enjoy breakfast in bed or a picnic on the nearby meadow. The cottage is open from May to September.

In a trailer

In a corner of South Bohemia’s Šumava often overlooked by tourists, in the eastern foothills of Boubín, and almost completely isolated, there is a trailer parked in a meadow. You can only get there by following a path through a field – there is no paved road to lead you there. The accommodation is simple, but comfortable, with a small refrigerator filled with organic food from local farmers and a pond you can swim in. There is enough space for a family of four, but it is more comfortable with just two people. The bathroom is not far away: it’s in the neighbouring homestead where the owners live. This will be a spartan adventure, but you can be sure that you will sleep in beautiful, unspoiled nature and in absolute peace and quiet.

In a tower

A stay in a 500-year-old tower? Of course! The Krumlov Tower is in the centre of Český Krumlov in South Bohemia. It is a luxurious and distinctive accommodation in a medieval guard tower that has been preserved in its original condition since 1505. There are only two other such towers in all of Europe where you can spend a night. You will feel the medieval times with every step you take! There are only three rooms there and each is an noteworthy.

In a sleeping car

The Vigvam area in Němčice near Kolín in Central Bohemia has a lot to offer. But one of the most peculiar offerings of accommodation includes sleeping carriages that used to make up the trains that rode the Prague–Katowice–Minsk–Moscow route. You can stay in single or double sleeping carriage compartments. Though still functional, the carriages no longer travel their 2,000-kilometre route, but they still perfectly serve their purpose as comfy places to lay your head. Other amenities are in the adjacent building. If you are a fan of railways, you will be in seventh heaven!

In a wine cellar

Penzion Husí plácek in Moravia’s Dolní Věstonice is made of two interconnected habánské cellars from 1532. The naturally low temperatures make them great hideouts in hot summer months. The beds are made from solid wood, and the mattresses have a special finish to resist the slight humidity that persists all year. Yet no need to worry about mould! The intersecting vault, which used to house a printing press and shop, now has walls painted to evoke the look of dusk, and the vaulted ceiling recreates a starry night sky.

In a monastery

The Broumov Region – an often forgotten region in East Bohemia. But it is also a place where one of the most beautiful baroque monasteries in the Czech Republic stands. It is a place where you can find accommodation in simple monastery rooms and former monk’s cells. The monastery is surrounded by a large monastery garden that has been reconstructed into its original form. And it is all at your full disposal!