The Czech Republic ranked ninth in the World Peace Index
The Czech Republic ranked ninth in the World Peace Index, that evaluates a wide range of safety aspects of the destination and can be a good guide for the upcoming tourist season
The Czech Republic's ninth place in the World Peace Index is an excellent benefit for tourism, which recovery is expected at the beginning of the summer season due to the weakening covid wave and the great hunger for travel. In addition, safety has become an essential criteria for choosing a holiday destination, also with regard to the current war conflict in Ukraine.

"The Czech Republic has maintained its place in the world's TOP 10 - between Ireland and Canada. This topic is important in the marketing communication of the destination across segments, both towards the tourists themselves and especially at the level of B2B marketing, when it is necessary to assure our partners from travel agencies or conference organizers that the Czech Republic is an objectively safe place for their clients,” explains CzechTourism director Jan Herget.