Visit the Most Beautiful Historical Towns

Visit the Most Beautiful Historical Towns

Presenting the winners of the Historical Town of the Year competition. Accept our invitation and come and explore them!

Below, we bring you a list of the previous six winners of the Historical Town of the Year competition. The competition is organised by the Association of Historical Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Regional Development. The prize is awarded for the best regeneration of urban monument reserves and the revival of historical town centres. Allow us to present you with the winners of the last few years.

Jičín (2016)

The most recent winner to date. The town of Jičín is located in Bohemian Paradise to the north-east of Prague. It was selected in particular thanks to its beautifully preserved historical centre and the activities of the local government and other organisations who revive the town. Jičín is known as the town of fairy tales, because many popular Czech children’s stories are set in its surroundings. Another nickname for the town is the Gateway to Bohemian Paradise. It is therefore an excellent starting point for all visitors to this protected landscape area full of rocks and deep forests.

Příbor (2015)

The Moravian town of Příbor near Ostrava is one of the oldest towns in its area. The town has over 750 years of history and its centre is protected as an urban monument reserve. Today Příbor can boast the title of Historical Town of the Year 2015, which it owes in part to very significant and demanding reconstruction work which was carried out on the town’s Piarist monastery and its gardens. If you decide to visit Příbor, do not miss the birthplace of the town’s most famous native son, the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

Cheb (2014)

The historical town of Cheb is situated in West Bohemia, in close proximity to the German border. A block of half-timbered houses on the town’s main square illustrates the fairy-tale atmosphere of the town centre. But that’s not all that you will find in Cheb. Very few things could overshadow one of the most precious historic Romanesque buildings of Central Europe, Cheb Castle and the Chapel of St. Erhard and St. Ursula. Once every two years, in August, the town comes to life with the Valdštejn Celebrations, commemorating Cheb’s famous past.

Chrudim (2013)

Charming Chrudim in East Bohemia quite rightfully boasts the title of Historical Town of the Year 2013. The town will captivate you with the renaissance Mydlář House, where you can learn about the history of puppetry, Czech intangible heritage protected by UNESCO. It is also worth seeing the medieval streets, the remains of the city walls, the unusual exhibitions of the Chrudim Puppet Museum or the town square with its monumental Gothic temple.

Jilemnice (2012)

Jilemnice is a small town in North Bohemia, concealed in the shadow of the Krkonoše Mountains. The town is known as the Cradle of Czech Skiing, since skiing first began to spread here over a hundred years ago. The jury which awards the title of Historical Town of the Year was particularly attracted by the renovated so-called “Curious Lane”. This contains a collection of timbered houses lying approximately 200 metres from the square. Each house on the west side of the street moves in a window’s width closer towards the street than the house before it. In the rapidly narrowing winding street, the houses look like curious residents leaning out to observe events on the square and the main street of the time.

Uherské Hradiště (2011)

Uherské Hradiště in Moravia is the heart of Slovácko, a region famous for its distinctive folklore, dulcimer music, good wine and beautiful folk costumes. Take a walk along the splendidly preserved historical centre and wine lanes lined with wine cellars, visit the exhibits of the Slovácko Museum and become acquainted with the rich Slovácko folk traditions! And if you grow tired of urban life, you can head for the nearby White Carpathians for pure nature and glorious views.