Enjoy the Spring Festival in the Czech Republic

Enjoy the Spring Festival in the Czech Republic

Easter is the most important Christian holiday – enjoy the Easter markets, special castle tours or an Easter mass!

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You will definitely remember Easter in the Czech Republic. In Prague, you can enjoy Easter markets with hundreds of stalls, as well as the Easter mass in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. However, there are other unforgettable experiences to enjoy outside of Prague – just visit Olomouc, Plzeň or Velehrad.

Easter Markets in Czech Cities

In Prague, you can walk through three Easter markets: at the Republic Square, at the Old Town Square and at St. Wenceslas Square (6/4 – 28/4). You can look forward to more than a hundred stalls selling typical Easter goods, spring gifts and specialties. The Easter markets will also offer authentic examples of traditional customs and crafts. Right at the market, there will be artisans making the traditional pomlázka (a braided whip), Easter egg decorators, blacksmiths and other craftsmen. You can also look forward to a series of performances of folklore groups presenting traditional folk songs, dances and customs. Visitors can take original selfies in special photo booths. You can also enjoy the Easter atmosphere at Prague Castle from 5 April to 5 May.

Another year of the Easter Festival will take place at Brno’s Freedom Square (12/4 – 21/4). You can purchase wicker products, braided whips, ceramics, jewellery, decorative items or Easter eggs at more than 40 stands. Naturally, there will be a lot of refreshments and wine products. You can also enjoy Easter markets in Plzeň (11/4 – 22/4), Český Krumlov (18/4 – 22/4), Ostrava (15 – 19/4) or Olomouc (21/4).

Stylish Easter in Castles and Chateaus

You can celebrate the festival of spring in a truly original way in the Czech Republic – how about enjoying Easter in a castle or a chateau? From 1 April to 28 April, you can visit a tour of the Easter-decorated chateau in Loučeň in Central Bohemia. You will learn how Easter was celebrated by the House of Thurn-Taxis about a hundred years ago. One of the members of the princely family will take you through the chateau interiors on the weekend and during the Easter holiday. You can also visit Křivoklát, home to the Princely Easter (19-21 April). As usual, you can check out the rich offer of goods at the Easter fair, taste a lot of delicacies and enjoy the programme in the first courtyard all day long. Special Easter tours will be provided in the Dačice Chateau (19-22 April) in South Bohemia, or at the Bouzov Castle (19-22 April) in Central Moravia. On Saturday, 13 April, there will be an Easter folk fair in the Slezskoostravský Castle in North Moravia, with a display of crafts and folk art works for sale. You can make the traditional Easter pomlázka there, paint an egg, or make a mug on the potter’s wheel.

If you are travelling to South Moravia, visit Valtice. The Valtice Chateau has prepared a rich programme for the Easter holiday (19-22 April). In addition to the tours of the chateau and the chateau theatre, there will also be an exposition of giant Easter eggs, you can see a concert in the chateau chapel, take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage in the park, or listen to cembalo music in the courtyard with wine tasting. On Saturday, 20 April, there is also a wandering wine festival that will take you to selected wine cellars and restaurants in Valtice.

True Easter Mass

There are places in the Czech Republic where you can enjoy the true atmosphere of an Easter mass. You can enjoy an amazing feeling and spiritual experience during the masses in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. Another well-known European place of pilgrimage, Svatá hora, a Baroque architecture gem, has been looming above the city of Příbram for more than 300 years and you can experience a mass and an Easter concert of the Svatá hora church choir there on 21 and 22 April. But if there is only one mass that you will go to in the Czech Republic, then you should definitely make it to Velehrad, 6 kilometres northwest of Uherské Hradiště. It is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the Czech Republic and there will be masses from 18 to 22 April.