Game of Thrones in the Czech Republic

Game of Thrones in the Czech Republic

The men and women in Game of Thrones are strongly connected to their homelands, from Winterfell to the Iron Islands, Highgarden and King’s Landing to the Vale of Arryn or the shores of Dorne.

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But where would this cast of characters end up if the story took them on a journey to the Czech Republic? Spoiler alert: the following predictions contain information from Season 8 of GoT so stop reading now if you’re not caught up!

Who’s in Prague?

Cersei Lannister – There is nothing Cersei loves more than a seat of power. Her first move would surely be to storm the Prague Castle and take control of the government. However, she is still super annoyed that her iron throne was held at the airport and can’t seem to get through customs. 
Lyanna Mormont – The small but fierce little lady can’t stand injustice. She has moved into one of the perfectly tiny sized houses on Golden Lane and is building a coalition to kick Cersei out of the castle.
Podrick Payne  - After discovering that his voice is a much safer way to make a living than knighthood, Podrick decides to take up residence at the Estates Theater, where he sings nightly concerts to crowds of tourists.

Who’s in Bohemia?

Jon Snow  - There is no place Jon feels more at home than in the North (even in Bohemia). He and his brothers from the Night’s Watch have made camp at Ještěd Tower in Liberec, keeping an eye on the northern borders for any new signs of trouble heading their way.
Brandon Stark - The Three-Eyed Raven is most comfortable communing with nature. Bran spends his time sitting underneath a tree in Český Raj (“Bohemian Paradise“), while his mind is actually exploring the protected landscape from a bird’s eye view.
Arya Stark – Death doesn’t scare this brave young woman, it calms her. Arya spends her days in the Sedlec Ossuary at Kutná Hora and uses her ninja-like skills and wicked sense of humor to photobomb all of the tourists taking selfies with the bones.
Grey Worm & Missandei – One of GoT’s cutest couples is ready for a break from all the violence and fighting. They’ve decided to take some time off and spend a romantic holiday in the spa triangle of Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, and Františkovy Lázně.
Thoros & Beric Dondarrion – the drunken priest and the one-eyed warrior have become one of Pilsen’s most popular tourist attractions. After enjoying a few liters of pivo at the Pilsner Urquell brewery, Beric likes to leap from the country’s highest church spire and land on the main square. Thoros then collects money from crowds of tourists to prove that he can bring Beric back to life. Works every time.
The Geyjoys  - The Iron Island family doesn’t feel at home unless they’re somewhere near water. Theon and Yara now run one of the most successful rafting companies on the Vltava River. Unfortunately, their TripAdvisor ratings have fallen after Euron Greyjoy started attacking their customers halfway down the river.
Sansa Stark – The older Stark daughter has always enjoyed the beauty of aristocracy. Sansa has moved into Česky Krumlov Castle and declared herself Queen of South Bohemia. Her first move was ordering the Knights of the Vale to regulate the number of tourists allowed in and out of town each day to sustain its majestic charm.
Bronn – All this warrior-for-hire ever really wanted was a wife and a castle. He finally convinced Cersei to give him control of Hluboká nad Vltavou Chateau. He and his wife are now raising a family of five strong-willed daughters who all dream of following in the footsteps of their godparents, Ser Jamie and Ser Brienne, and starting an all-female order of knights.

Who’s in Moravia?

Daenerys Targaryen – The Dragon Queen knew she was home when she heard that Brno had a dragon in its town hall. She immediately added “Queen of South Moravia” to her long list of titles, and her dragons have become a much loved grand finale for the local Ignis Brunensis fireworks festival.
Jorah Mormont – Forever loyal to Daenerys, Jorah followed her to Brno and got a job as a barista in one of the city’s independent specialty coffee shops. He keeps hoping to impress the queen with a perfect espresso drink. Dany always smiles politely at his efforts but doesn’t want to add to his heartbreak by telling him she actually prefers a hot cup of tea.
Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and Little Sam – This light-hearted family were also drawn to the Czech Republic’s second largest city, but for different reasons. Gilly is determined to learn the Czech language with classes at Masaryk University, while Sam happily spends his days as a judge of the local food scene for the Gourmet Brno guide.
Tyrion Lannister – When Tyrion heard that the country’s best wine was kept in a wine cellar beneath Valtice Chateau, he immediately jumped on a train. These days, Tyrion can be found giving drunken walking tours around the chateau grounds after sampling a few too many sips of vino.
Brienne of Tarth & Jamie Lannister – This unlikely couple share one important connection: knighthood. The pair decided to open a school for knights at Bouzov Castle and train the future defenders of the realm. Tormund Giantsbane is usually found lurking outside the gates, asking young knights in training to tell “the big woman” that he’d like to take her out to dinner sometime.
Melisandre – When the Red Woman heard that Olomouc was the spiritual capital of Moravia, she knew exactly where to go. She loves the Holy Trinity Column and Baroque architecture of the town. Unfortunately, she keeps getting arrested for trying to build huge bonfires in front of the Archdiocesan Museum and recruit new followers for the Lord of Light. 

Who’s in Silesia?

Gendry – Robert Baratheon’s son now has a popular souvenir stand outside the former ironworks at Lower Vitkovice in Ostrava. Gendry and Arya have decided not to try a long-distance relationship, but she still visits at least once a year during the Colours of Ostrava Music Festival.
The Wildlings – The nature-loving people who previously lived beyond the wall prefer a quieter life in the Czech countryside over any major city. Instead, they’ve settled among the natural beauty of the Jeseniky mountains, largely undiscovered by tourists.

Who Is Lost?

The Hound – No one actually knows where Sandor Clegane lives these days. It’s rumored that he is a regular drinker at several village pubs across the country, but he never stays long enough to make any friends because he just wants to be left alone.

Is It Still Safe to Visit…?

Yes, we know, Westeros had a reputation as a dangerous destination where everyone dies. We want to assure visitors that the Czech Republic is still a perfectly safe place. Some people were intimidated when the Prague Airport hired The Mountain to work for airport security, but we promise that he’s perfectly reasonable to everyone arriving with a valid passport. It’s even okay if you know nothing (like Jon Snow). We have all the information you need to plan a holiday, whether winter or summer  is coming.