Do you Know Traditional Czech Christmas Ornaments?

Do you Know Traditional Czech Christmas Ornaments?

We will show you what the Czechs decorate their homes with!

Do you Know Traditional Czech Christmas Ornaments?
Are you curious about what the Czechs hang on their Christmas trees? We will present ornaments that are made according to patterns more than a hundred years old, as well as this year’s novelties. And we will also tell you where to see experienced artisans at work.

Glass Christmas Ornaments Have Been Popular for More than a Century

In East Bohemia, in Dvůr Králové, you will find the family-owned business called Ozdoba. Blown and hand-painted glass ornaments have been made there for over a hundred years, currently by the fifth generation of glassmakers. It is a small-lot production so they can flexibly respond to contemporary designs. The local blue onion patterns on Christmas ornaments are unique. It is a traditional folk pattern which was initially a copy of Chinese pottery centuries ago. Or would you prefer something more luxurious for your home? No-one will miss a Fabergé egg on your tree! The Czech tradition is combined modernity and luxury, just choose one to your liking. Unfortunately, you cannot get in the workshop this winter due to the pandemic, but if you come for a tour during summer, they will be happy to show you how the ornaments with a pedigree are made.

Bead Ornaments – A Unique UNESCO Heritage

Many Czech Christmas trees are decorated with blown-glass beads that are inherited over generations. The family-owned business Rautis in Poniklá in the Krkonoše Mountains, where glass-making has long roots, is a master in the traditional manufacture of Christmas ornaments made of glass beads. If you book a tour, they will be happy to show you everything in the greatest detail. You can even test your own skills in the local creative workshop! This unique and almost forgotten craft has been recently honoured and the production of the Krkonoše ornaments made of glass beads is now inscribed by UNESCO. Rautis, a family-owned manufacture, and country pearl blowers and threaders who work with them carry on the tradition. Poniklá is the only place in the world where this traditional bead craft has been preserved.

Ornaments for Romantic Souls

Not every Czech likes to hang traditional glass ornaments on their tree. Handmade ornaments from natural material are also exceedingly popular. Sometimes, the tree is adorned with home-baked gingerbread cookies or other treats. Various figurines or ornaments made of straw or dry corn husks are also popular. Romantic souls can buy such natural ornaments at Advent markets in city centres. For example, at the market in Prague or Olomouc.

When Mass Production Does Not Mean Lower Quality

In Jablonec nad Nisou in North Bohemia, famous all over the world for its jewellery tradition, you will find another manufacturer of Christmas ornaments: Ornex. They make Christmas balls, ovals and tree top decorations with many different patterns and figurines. And what is popular this year? Besides the previously mentioned blue onion patterns, buyers are also interested in natural materials, clear or white glass decorated with green, brown, terracotta and orange. The company always follows the current trends and world exhibitions.

However, one of the largest manufacturers of hand-made and painted glass Christmas ornaments in the Czech Republic is the DUV Cooperative in Dvůr Králové in East Bohemia. The glass-making cooperative was founded ninety years ago, and they won, for example, the gold medal at EXPO 58 in Brussels, which formed the design of 1960s and 1970s. You will definitely choose ornaments to your liking there. They offer more than 80,000 products!