UNESCO Monuments Offer a Mosaic of Experiences

UNESCO Monuments Offer a Mosaic of Experiences

Enjoy Czech Baroque, Jewish music and city festivals in Český Krumlov, Třebíč and Telč.

The best time to visit the UNESCO monuments is at a time when interesting events are being held there. Enjoy three UNESCO monuments and three colorful festivals: The Festival of Jewish Culture Šamajim in Třebíč, historical festivals in Telč and Baroque theater in the Český Krumlov.

Třebíč: The Jewish quarter, where it lives

The Jewish Quarter in Třebíč, entered along with the Jewish cemetery and  Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Prokop  on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is a wonderful place full of romantic hideaways. Like in old times, it comes alive each summer in late July and August, when the Festival of Jewish culture Šamajim  takes place. Concerts, lectures, and dance performances will mainly be held in the Rear Synagogue. In the program there is also an attractive marriage of flavors and aromas of Jewish cuisine and kosher wines. You can look into a traditional Jewish household and a period shop as part of an unconventional exhibition in the home of Seligmann Bauer, where you will also have the chance to taste some Jewish specialties. Accommodation in the heart of the action is provided by Hotel Joseph 1699.

Telč and historical celebrations

Celebrations of Zacharias of Hradec and Catherine of Wallenstein  take place in mid-August at one of the most beautiful squares in the Czech Republic, right in the heart Telč . It was they who gave the town its handsome Renaissance appearance and thanks to them the town with a chateau were registered as a UNESCO monument. During the two-day event you will enjoy a historical parade, swordsmen and jugglers, theatrical performances in the open air, historical music, jousting tournaments, traditional craft demonstrations and a military camp at Zacharias of Hradec Square and its immediate vicinity. Do not miss the view from the tower of the Church of the Holy Ghost , from where you will see the picturesque surroundings of Telč as if in the palm of your hand.

Český Krumlov: Theatre and Baroque

Český Krumlov, a city like Třebíč and Telč registered as a UNESCO monument, resembles a fairy tale. You can explore the magnificent castle and chateau with a Castle Museum,  pass through Latrán, taste the beer from the local brewery , indulge in a romantic boat trip on the Vltava river and eventually be accommodated in the Rose hotel. Picturesque nooks and crannies, a tangle of urban streets, the main square and exquisite castle gardens look like fabulous fairytale set pieces – and Český Krumlov is really partial to theater. There are two theaters there:  a modern one with a revolving auditorium under the open sky in the chateau garden and the old and extremely rare Baroque theater in the chateau. Part of the Baroque Arts Festival, which takes place in Český Krumlov every year in September, is held right here. What awaits you? Baroque music and dance, period instruments, chamber cantatas and duets and mainly modern Baroque opera performances in a fully staged and contemporary version on the stage of the oldest Baroque theater in the world.