Gourmet Brno 2018

Gourmet Brno 2018

A guide to the best restaurants, bistros, cake shops, cafés, wine bars, pubs and bars in Brno

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Great taste experiences, original combinations, high-quality ingredients and an authentic atmosphere. Those are the establishments that are presented by the Gourmet Brno 2018 independent guide!
For the third time already, the Brno Information Centre asked both Brno personalities and representatives of gastronomic associations for help and queried where they like going for something to eat, for a drink, coffee or dessert. It then included those establishments that appeared multiple times in the answers into final nominations. It was the third time that Brno establishments stuck their necks out and allowed themselves to be rated by professionals in the field, food journalists and lovers of good food and drinks. Thanks to this cooperation, the Gourmet Brno 2018 project has been developing successfully.

The Gourmet Brno 2018 project presents top establishments divided into seven categories – restaurants, bistros, cafés, pubs, wine shops and wine bars, cake shops and bars. The winner of each category was announced in late June. 

Establishments that took leading positions in the Restaurants category included Pavillon restaurant, Kohout na víně and Butcher’s Grill & Pasta. The Bistros category is dominated by the Brno newcomer Atelier Cocktail Bar & Bistro, a piece of Scandinavia in the Brno centre – Soul Bistro, and the popular establishment 4pokoje. For example, Monogram Espresso Bar, SKØG Urban Hub and Punkt have been ranked as the best Brno cafés. When you want to visit original cake shops, remember to go to those that have been awarded such as the cake shop SORRY – pečeme jinak, Cukrářství Martinák or Mlsná holka, which offers lavender lemonade among other things.

The award-winning Brno wine bars include Petit Cru wine bar & shop, justWINE and Retro Consistorium. Those who prefer beer should try out Ochutnávková pivnice, Zelená kočka Pivárium or Výčep Na stojáka. The Gourmet Brno 2018 invites you for a drink to the bars Bar, který neexistuje, Atelier Cocktail Bar & Bistro as well as to the bar Super Panda Cirkus.

This year, detailed results of all the categories have again been processed to create a clearly-arranged guide which will give you advice in Czech, English and newly in German on how to harmonise your tastes in Brno. All the establishments also have their place on the GOtoBRNO.cz portal.