Hotels Are a Bore, but in the Czech Republic You can Stay in a Barrel or Up a Tree

Hotels Are a Bore, but in the Czech Republic You can Stay in a Barrel or Up a Tree

The Czech Republic and the quaint accommodation that you won't be able to forget!

A soft bed full of fluffy pillows and from it breathtaking views of a lake, vineyards or treetops? Or how about spending a night on an antique oven like in Czech fairy tales? The Czech Republic and its non-traditional or even quaint places for staying overnight bring unusual experiences accompanied with comfort. We are going to tell you where to find them.

A night in a tree

A few kilometres from a city centre, you can spend a night up a tree in the middle of a forest. Accommodation in a tree house is offered by Brno Municipal Forests not far from Lelekovice in Moravia. With an area of just 18 square metres plus a terrace, the tree log cabin was built seven meters above ground. There is no electricity or running water, so you will have to make do with a basin and jug and a dry toilet. The “room” is for three people at most and the only condition is that children must be over six years of age. Regardless of this, the booking calendar is largely full. You can make use of a similar offer in the Green Valley Treehouse Resort Chotýšany in Central Bohemia, where you can look forward to unusual accommodation in the tree tops of three oak trees even two meters higher than those near Brno.

A night in a barrel

An absolute unique offer for wine lovers with utmost privacy and non-traditional experiences has been prepared by the  pod Hradem winery  in Klentnice, Moravia. You can stay in giant barrels on the terraces amidst vineyards and witness Pálava awakening to a new day from the comfort of your bed. Barrel rooms are bit more of a squeeze than the tree houses, but they do have electricity and heaters in them, and what’s more the vertically standing barrel houses a shower, washbasin and toilet. A welcoming gift awaits you in the shape of a bottle of excellent Moravian wine and a bite to eat to take with you.

A night on the top of an oven

In Slup, situated southeast of Znojmo, a short distance from the Austrian border, you will discover not only a Renaissance water mill, but also the Behind the Mill Guest House, where you can spend a night or two in charming period rooms of the more than two hundred year old farmstead. Just come in, shut the street gate and immediately you will find yourself at the late 19th century/early 20th century. You can wallow in the long gone atmosphere and try out the biggest attraction of the place – the large oven in the Painted Suite, which will sleep two people comfortably.

A night on a boat

Another unusual night can be spent on a unique 12-metre long houseboat called Lofi in the centre of Prague. Featuring a large terrace with a gas grill, deckchairs, circular-shaped seating area and a space heater, it also offers an enclosed living area, a separate bedroom with a double bed and a sheltered terrace.

A night on water and above the ground

Accommodation in tiny cottages located on the actual water can be enjoyed at the Dobčické Ponds in South Bohemia. You will find in them in the Šumava foothills not far from České Budějovice between Dobčice, Lipanovice and Holašovice, the UNESCO listed sites. The resort offers three cottages altogether. Standing on oak piles, surrounded by water, the Verunka and Madlenka Cottages have a pier and a small hut for the catch, while the Amálka tree house, located four meters above ground, is built partially above land and above water. You can forget electricity, but fortunately there is a whole lot of water. You will find showers in the actual cottages while toilets are located on the banks of the ponds. Madlenka can be slept in by five people at most and the other two are designed for two guests.

Comfort in the narrowest Prague hotel

Do all of the options offered seem to involve too much adventure when in fact you are looking for quaintness of a different type? Then you should definitely try the Clementin Hotel in the narrow Seminářská Street, near Old Town Square. Owing to its width of a mere 3.28m (11 ft), the hotel located in the building dating back to 1360 is quite a rarity, so get your skates on and book your room in time.