13 Faces of Prague for Families with Children
Prague offers a lot for all adults, but this does not mean children have to be bored here. When you travel to the Czech Republic and Prague it is of course necessary to visit all of the places that stand out in Instagram photos, such as Charles Bridge with Prague Castle in the background, or the Old Town panorama with its infinite number of towers. But most children do not appreciate these places and can already see themselves somewhere on the playground or in the zoo. That's alright! We give you 13 tips on entertainment for children in Prague in any weather.

Fun for the whole family

Prague Zoo

The number one hit in Prague appreciated by almost all children is the Prague Zoo. You can find it in a beautifully rugged terrain by the Vltava River. Did you know that it is regularly ranked in the top ten best zoos in the world in independent evaluations? The latest addition you can look forward to is the Darwin Pavilion, which features animals from Australia and Tasmania. An absolute rarity here are four Tasmanian devils. Don't worry, they are cute animals. Furthermore, you can meet almost all the animals you can imagine in their most natural environment. Spending a whole day here is certainly possible…

Pedal boats on the Vltava

The Vltava’s Slavonic Island (Slovanský ostrov), near the National Theatre, has the largest concentration of rowing and pedal boat rentals. This is the place to go if you want to have fun on the river for an hour. They won't let you go with the smallest children or toddlers, but school children are fine. Rent a pedal boat and enjoy the views of Prague from a completely new perspective! We guarantee that children will be thrilled.

Ladronka park

Ladronka park is not located in the city centre like the popular Stromovka park. However, Ladronka has one special attraction. You can find the best conditions for in-line skating in the whole of Prague here. A few kilometres of asphalt road winds across the park only for in-line skaters. Of course it is highly probable that you didn’t bring skates with you to Prague, so you will definitely want to use the skate rental facilities located roughly in the middle of the park in the former Ladronka farm, after which the park is named.

Railway Kingdom

Do you (we mean your children, of course) enjoy model trains? If so, come and see the amazing little world of Railway Kingdom in Smíchov at the Anděl metro station. You will see hundreds of metres of tracks, dozens of model trains, models of cars that give way to each other at intersections, and models of important buildings and places in the Czech Republic, all of which can be experienced under a unique atmosphere alternating between day and night. A giant model of Prague is also incorporated here. You will see that not only technical children and dads will be thrilled.


For a rainy day…

Prague museums for boys and girls

Recommending a museum visit to a family with children is a bold move. But the museums we recommend are simply different and think of children as well. The National Technical Museum in Letná will delight young and old alike. The most popular area is the so-called traffic hall with Czech and foreign cars, trains, planes and other large equipment. For example, here you can see the first car made in the Czech lands, the NW Präsident from 1898. But there is much more. Next door you can find an almost identical building – the National Agricultural Museum. There you can learn everything about the Czech land, hunting and traditional fishing. The roof observation terrace with a panorama of Prague is the icing on the cake. Lovers of film tricks and animations must not miss a visit to the Karel Zeman Museum at Charles Bridge. Children can "fly" on a flying machine, or "walk" on the Moon surface of Baron Munchausen and look into the secrets of some special movie tricks.

Prague Planetarium

When it rains and stars are hidden behind clouds – or the city's light smog, it is high time to explore deep space in the Prague Planetarium, which you can find near Stromovka park. The resolution of its "canvas", or rather a 23 m dome, is one of the largest in Europe! The starry sky is very real here. Whether it's dark or light, sunny or rainy, the night sky or movies projected on the dome are always available.

Sea World Zoo

Not far from the Planetarium you can also find Sea World. There are stingrays, sharks and coral fish here. Children will be thrilled by the 25-metre-long coral cave with an aquarium built directly into the rock, and a number of other aquariums inhabited by sea and freshwater fish and other animals. In the exhibition you will also find a large viewing tank with a volume of 27,000 litres of fresh water. The reservoir is a home to large fish from South American rivers and other animals of the Amazon tributaries.

What about playgrounds

It is not only knowledge that makes a person alive. Especially a child. Where to find some playgrounds? Here are some tips for you. The first is the Franciscan Garden right in the centre of Prague near Wenceslas Square. An oasis of calm in the capital's busiest area with ice cream just around the corner and a playground with climbing frames. Furthermore, you should definitely not miss the large park on Petřín hill. At its foot you can also find a well-equipped playground, and if your children crave more adrenaline, you can go exploring the orchard and the forest with ponds, and walk to the top of the lookout tower or to the mirror maze. Prague in the palm of your hand! The playground on one of the Vltava islands, which is aptly named Children’s Island (Dětský ostrov), also underwent a recent reconstruction. And finally, if you want to get a little further from the city centre, visit Hvězda park near the Břevnov Monastery. Not only can you find several new playgrounds there, but also a stream created for child's play. Will you try and release bark boats downstream? If so, the boats will sail to the newly built Terezka pond, which is suitable for wetting tired children's feet even in the hottest summer. Try and see.