This Year's News from Czech Zoos

This Year's News from Czech Zoos

In Czech zoos there is always something going on. Visit the Prague Zoo and meet the mysterious inhab

In the Czech Republic you will find more than 20 zoos and zoo parks. The most well known is the Prague Zoo, which was ranked as the 7th most popular zoo in the world on the portal in 2014. Wonderful exhibits and new things can also be found outside the capital, for example the Zlín Zoo is famous for its pleasant environment and breeding success.

Czech premiere - Chinese giant salamanders

This spring in Prague the brand new and unique pavilion Velemlokárium (an aquarium of Chinese Giant Salamanders) was opened, in which you have the unique opportunity to admire the largest amphibians in the world - the Chinese Giant Salamander. This critically endangered amphibian species can grow to lengths of up to 1.5 m and weigh up to 30 kg. In five cascaded arranged spacious tanks you can view the local giant salamanders from all angles. At the same time, the giant salamanders can climb out of the pool to one another and exercise their natural need to travel upstream before breeding. In the smallest of the five spacious reservoirs you can find a camera through which you can view the giant salamanders really close. By using the touch screen, the camera can rotate in any direction and zoom in or out. You can also find there an exhibition of rare turtles and snakes from the southern Chinese mountains.

To Prague ZOO with the kids

Do your kids start to get bored after some time in the zoo? In Prague, there is now a simple solution! Bring them to Bororo Reservation! This is a large gaming and relaxation area for children and their parents. The main landmark is a tree Indian village at a height of 12 meters and a café for adults and a small amphitheater for demonstrations of training animals. The whole complex is located in the former elephant area and for the next few years it will become a relaxation center for young visitors. Afterwards the elephant center will undergo reconstruction and a generous Amazon exposition will take its place.

Ray’s Bay in Zlín

Ray’s Bay will be ceremoniously opened at the Zlín Zoo in Eastern Moravia on September 20. The generously conceived building is home to several dozen marine species of Siba Oman rays. Visitors will be able to watch the rays in a pool with an area of 70 m2, with an average water depth of about one meter. However, the volume of the entire water system is more than 80 thousand liters. The concept of the building also enables visitors to have direct and safe contact with these beautiful cartilaginous fish.

Japanese garden Mu-Shin

At Zlín zoo, one of the largest Japanese gardens in the Czech Republic was also opened in the spring. Visitors to the of area of nearly a thousand square meters can admire the typical dry stone mountain garden. Its dominant features are three centuries of Japanese white pine specimens imported directly from Japan. As important as the foliage is also a vast amount of stones of all sizes and shapes, as well as several large Kasuga stone lamps. The new arched wooden bridge over the Lukovský stream and the gentle musical undertones of the atmosphere from the playing of the shamisen perfectly fits the overall concept. And what exactly does the name Mu-Shin mean? The literal translation means "no thoughts" or "out of mind". So visit the Moravian Zlín Zoo and forget your worries, relax and gather strength.