Where Can You Set Off in the Czech Republic in 2013?

Where Can You Set Off in the Czech Republic in 2013?

In this tourist season, try out the brand new castle attics and chateau chambers where no tour has yet taken place, new sport attractions and other points of interest!

With the ending winter season, the preparation for the new tourist season is reaching its peak. Cleaning is underway, new decorations are being prepared, flowers are being relocated from the greenhouse to the chateau interiors, and entertaining paths and trails are being marked. We will make recommendations on when you will see something you have never seen before and places you definitely have to visit this year!

Czech castles and chateaus are preparing to experience 2013 in the spirit of French culture. Take a peek into the period when French nobility was seated on Czech grounds, when the lifestyle was dictated by French culture and the magic of France was visible even in the garden architecture.   The exhibition of French art from the collections of castles and chateaus will be presented in Imperial Stables at Prague Castle in the rhythm of French charisma. The following chateaus and castles will have tours:  Sychrov Chateau, Zákupy Chateau or Hrubý Rohozec Chateau and Nové Hrady Castle and Rožmberk Castle.

Apart from the charming baroque gardens, also visit the newly opened south wing at the Děčín Chateau. For those who are not interested in classical expositions, a new tour named You Can’t Stop Progress awaits visitors of the Slatiňany Chateau.  It is led along technological achievements, which the last owners had installed, for example, into the boiler room, kitchen, bathrooms, and even onto the English yards, the attic and to the roofs. You can also take a look into the newly opened Janovice Chateau.

The Miner’s Museum in Příbram has also prepared something new for this year:  they have put the third track of the miner’s train into operation. The first track will bring you to an opening of the 1600m deep Prokop Hole underground and the second ride is along the historical track between Ševčinský and Vojtěch Mines. The third train will take you along a new interactive exposition about the history of uranium mining on the grounds of the Lesetice Army Memorial.  Apart from the Middle Age silver mine in Kutná Hora, world renowned ossuaries or magnificently renovated galeries, you can also look forward to the newly opened Kank Look-Out Tower with a bed and breakfast, tourist restaurant and a look-out café.    

Some museums are also announcing their re-opening. After two years, you can once again set out into the Bethlehem Museum in Třebechovice pod Orebem and see the well-known Probošt Bethlehem in its entire beauty or into the Museum of Vamberk Lace. In other places, the museums remained opened, but you can see the new expositions – for example in Třebíč, in the Chateau near St. Prokop Basilica, which together with the nearby UNESCO Jewish Area, has been entered among the UNESCO monuments. The expositions located in the former Valdštejn Chateau will lead you along a Journey Through Time exposition of Třebíč’s historyand will present you with, for example, the local Middle Age and New Age craft trade. Many new things also await the active and athletic type. Good bikers will certainly appreciate the newly opened Rychleby Trails, which offers adrenaline lovers a continuous downhill trail, 8km long. You can also look forward to the new climbing centre, Wall Street Tendon in Jihlava; the climbing wall is located in the historical industrial hall, built more than 150 years ago. The building of the old brewery in Eastern Bohemia’s Třemošnice has also been transformed into a sports and relaxation centre, and the newly opened Aqua Park is located at South Moravian Pasohlávky by the Nové Mlýny Reservoir.