November is the time for some unusual experiences – but not for the fainthearted

November is the time for some unusual experiences – but not for the fainthearted

Autumn in the Czech Republic doesn’t have to be just a fairytale; it can also be a little scary.

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The Czech Republic can be experienced in a way completely different from conventional tourism. And November is urging you to do just that. Besides walks in the park under autumn trees, sitting in pubs over a bowl of hot soup and taking pictures of historic sites shrouded in melancholic fog, you can find things to do that show a different side to the Czech Republic. There is, for example, the Shockproof Film Festival, which is to say it’s for those people who want a little (maybe more) different kind of movie experience.

Fear and loathing in Prague

At the Aero cinema in Prague’s Žižkov they pour shots before the screenings – for courage. The Shockproof Film Festival has prepared several showings that will frighten and disgust you, send shivers down your spine, and when it’s all over you will probably never want to see them again. But that’s not all – the organizers are planning an interactive screening to spook you even during the film. And don’t be surprised if the credits are grossly interrupted, for example, by the showing of a football game. So fortify yourselves before the film with a shot and little detachment. You won’t have to worry about any language barriers, because the screenings are prepared in English.

Night tours around Prague and Brno

Prague lives at night. In addition to the nightlife in bars and restaurants, which continues unabated even on weekdays, you can see the best of what the city has to offer at night. You can go for a ride on a Segway or take a photographic stroll together with a course on how to get the most use out of your camera and capture the mysterious corners of Prague and its atmosphere. Old Town, Prague Castle and Kampa look completely different at night than during the day. But there are also landmarks that come to life only after the sun goes down. Like Křižíkova Fountain and its unique performances. You can also make a night tour of the historic center of Brno. Learn about the attractions and legends associated with the most famous sites and monuments around the city.

Beneath the surface of Pilsen

Stroll through a labyrinth of cellars, tunnels and wells. The exhibits and stories illustrate medieval life in Pilsen perhaps better than you might get to know it on the surface. High heels are not recommended, but warm clothing and a safety helmet are. Evening tours of the Pilsen Underground come with a presentation of its urban legends in audio guides in several languages. Visitors over 18 years old will wrap up their tour with a so-called “pivenka” – a voucher good in selected restaurants for the famous lager Pilsner Urquell.