Taste Czech Easter: Traditional Spring Cuisine

Taste Czech Easter: Traditional Spring Cuisine

You shouldn’t miss the excellent traditional meals served during Easter in the Czech Republic.

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Two opposites meet face to face at Easter – the strict Lenten period and great abundance. Lent is observed until the beginning of Easter and then quite the opposite follows! The spring festival is traditionally celebrated with dozens of various dishes. An interesting thing is that each region has its own dishes, which often differ significantly from one another. However, some dishes are the same all over the Czech Republic. We offer a selection of the best you can try during spring and Easter in the Czech Republic.

An Easter Lamb with a Bell

Since pagan times, Easter has been the most important festival and some old traditions are still observed in Czech gastronomy. You can find an Easter lamb on almost every Easter table. It is a cake made from sweet batter that used to symbolize Christ’s sacrifice. The baked lamb is carefully taken out of the mould, raisins are put into its eyes and the still warm cake is sprinkled with vanilla sugar. A ribbon with a bell is tied around the lamb’s neck. The lamb is accompanied by an Easter cake on the Easter table. It is a bun made of sweet yeasted dough that tastes similar to the Christmas bread. The cake is usually baked on White Saturday.

You Will Like the Easter Stuffing

You will definitely see Easter buns. This sweet bread symbolizes the rope on which Judas hung himself. Easter is a spring festival and so the Easter bun also symbolizes the end of winter and the beginning of new life and you can find them in various shapes: birds, crayfish, snails, ducklings, snakes, hedgehogs or even turtles. On White Saturday when Lent ends, you should go to one of the popular restaurants for their Easter menu. The tradition requires the preparation of the main dish, which is stuffing made from several types of meat, with green herbs and young nettles as symbols of spring. The stuffing is eaten warm and carollers used to get it cold as a gift to take home.

Easter lamb cake recipe - Beránek

4 eggs (whites and yolks separated)
3/4 cup sugar
1 and 1/2 cup flour (polohrubá)
1 package (12g) of baking powder
1 package of vanilla sugar
1 package (200ml) of whipping cream
butter for buttering the mold
flour (hrubá) for sifting the mold

Butter a middle-sized lamb-shaped mold and sift with flour. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Whip the yolks with sugar. Add flour mixed with baking powder and vanilla sugar. Pour cream and then carefully add the whipped eggwhites. Pour into the mold and bake for 45 minutes.