Tips for Summer in the Czech Mountains

Tips for Summer in the Czech Mountains

The Czech Republic offers a wide range of options to mountain lovers. So where to go?

Summer in the Czech Republic is traditionally marked by a holiday in the mountains. From the Krkonoše Mountains to the Šumava Mountains, from the e Krušné Mountains to the Beskydy Mountains – they are happy to see new visitors everywhere. And the resorts are diligently preparing for the main summer season and holidays. You can discover the natural beauty by bike or on foot. But don't hesitate to also take advantage of some of the attractions that await you. Whether it is a new lookout tower or a bobsleigh track.

Giant bobsleigh track in Lower Moravia

The mountain resort in Lower Moravia is known for the attractions it offers. The whole area can be found on the border of East Bohemia and Moravia near the border with Poland. The well-known Trail in the Clouds rises to heights of up to 55 metres above the entire area. Yet this time we do not invite you to ascend to such heavenly heights, but instead invite you to the newly opened giant mountain bobsleigh track! The combination of a cable car up, distant views from the trail and descent down an adrenaline-fuelled track is unparalleled in the Czech Republic. The bobsleigh track has an elevation of 364 metres. You will pass through 25 lightning-fast turns, a 360° turn 12 metres above the ground, an octagonal loop, an underground tunnel and swing on 4 great jumps over forest paths. The track is the longest in the Czech Republic and the second longest in Europe. The journey down is about 4 km long! The bobsleighs are for two persons, but if you are over 8, you can go alone. Enjoy it!

Lipno cable car

Lipno in South Bohemia is primarily known for its winter sports. However, this beautiful part of South Bohemia also has a lot to offer in the summer. The Lipno Bikepark cable car is open to hikers and cyclists during the summer. Take the cable car comfortably to the top of Kramolín and enjoy the beautiful view of Lipno dam, Šumava and the Novohradské Mountains. For cyclists there is a family off-road cycling route, which leads to the Březovice valley, and for those on foot there is a relaxing sightseeing route with a view of the Novohradské Mountains and the Třeboň basin.

Velká Deštná lookout tower in the Orlické Mountains

This summer season's novelty is the lookout tower in the Orlické Mountains in East Bohemia, specifically in Velká Deštná. The lookout tower is built on the highest mountain of the Orlické Mountains (1,115 m) and its views are literally fantastic. The Velká Deštná lookout tower is 19 metres high and is built of a steel structure, which is beautifully complemented by wood panelling. It provides visitors with a breath-taking view of the Rychnov region, the Polish Stolové and Bystřice Mountains, Králický Sněžník, the Krkonoše Mountains and Ještěd. This lookout tower won a recent poll and proudly bears the title of Most Beautiful Lookout Tower in 2019.

Take a new barrier-free trail in Bohemian Switzerland

Recently, a new barrier-free trail was opened on the border of the Lusatian Mountains and the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in North Bohemia. It is a unique natural trail. The trail is conceived as a route that starts in Krásná Lípa on the square near the barrier-free House of Bohemian Switzerland and heads to the source of the Křinice River. It continues around a former quarry to the Velký rybník nature reserve. From here it is possible to return through the forest and through meadows with distant views of the Lusatian Mountain ridges to the Krásná Lípa train station and then back to the square. There is also an extended nine-kilometre route. The route is adapted for the disabled and comprises paved or easily passable surfaces.

Libušín rises from the ashes

The set of buildings with folk architectural elements in Pustevny in the Beskydy Mountains has been standing for more than 100 years. Unfortunately, one of the buildings of Libušín Cottage burned to the ground more than 6 years ago. However, a replica including a restored original coating colour has already been built! If everything goes according to plan, Libušín will open during the summer season and, after 6 years, all tourists will again be able to enjoy the beauty of these unique buildings, the author of which is Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič.

Bobsleigh track in Beskydy

This year, the Beskydy Mountains will not only offer the renewed Pustevny, but also the Boboffka bobsleigh track. You can find it on the Malá Stolová mountain near the village of Čeladná. The track is almost one kilometre long, yet a great advantage is that your (accompanied) children will be allowed on the track from the age of 3. When you go up, you hold the Beskydy Mountains in the palm of your hand!

Comfortably above the clouds

The Krkonoše Mountains also offer ideal conditions for a holiday full of experience. The highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Sněžka, is definitely a traditional destination. You can take the recently renovated four-seat cable car to the top. In clear weather, the view from the top is unforgettable. And if you feel like it, you can continue along the marked hiking trails back to Pec pod Sněžkou, Horní Malá Úpa, Luční bouda and further to Špindlerův Mlýn. If you visit Janské Lázně, don't forget to visit the Krkonoše Mountain Treetop Trail. The trail, which is about 1.5 km long, is barrier-free, so families with prams and visitors with disabilities, both children and adults, can visit. It will show you the forest from an entirely different perspective!