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Enjoy the nature of South Bohemia
A landscape of forests, rivers and lakes set in scenic countryside. What is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the South Bohemian landscape with all its colours, flavours and smells?South Bohemia has long been a number one spot for hiking, cycling, fishing and watersports...and that is the answer to it.


Transfer from Prague airport to Lipno nad Vltavou /2h 40mins/
Lake Lipno is the largest body of water in the Czech Republic, which is why it is known as the ‘sea of South Bohemia’ – it is no wonder that this area is a well popular for lakeside vacations. In the summer is ideal for swimming, cycling, inline skating, windsurfing or sailing. During a winter time it has an ideal setting or downhill or cross-country  skiing, the longest skating track in the world, a skicross track or snow park.
Vítkův Hrádek /Ruins of the Vitek Castle/ offers a magnificent view of the Alps and Lipno (this is the third highest castle in the Czech Republic) followed with many legends or hiking to Hill Marta, which offers a splendid view of Frymburk Lake, the Šumava surrounding and the Bohemian Alps, both in the summer and winter.
Bear’s trail leads through the wildlife of a unique rock city, through the heart of Jelení Vrchy and recalls the history of wood-floating in the region, continues alongside the memorial of the last bear in Šumava and finishes in Černý Kříž.


Šumava is one of the largest contiguous forest ranges in Central Europe and has been called the ‘Green Roof of Europe’. A landscape, that can be both rough and charming, is a land of silent forests, highlands and blossoming meadows and is,  most importantly the kingdom of water
Treetop walking is a unique trail in Lipno nad Vltavou which enables you to walk among the treetops and enjoy views of the surrounding Šumava countryside and the distant Alps. A barrier-free path will gradually lead you from ground level to a height of 24 metres, where you will traverse a secure walkway to a look-out tower with a height of 40 metres. From there you can slide down the longest dry toboggan in the Czech Republic. The trail is open all year round, and in July and August it is open until midnight, so don’t miss a spectacular night walk.
Schwarzenberg Canal is one of the most remarkable water structures of its times - was built to transport timber and logs from the Šumava to the Vienna market, thus enabling utilization of the timber abundance from the formerly inaccessible parts of the Šumava forests.                                                      


Český Krumlov is one of the most beautiful historical European towns, inscribed on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage sites.  The Old Town is laced with winding streets and stone houses, the town just pulses with life, whether its for the art enthusiasts admiring the work of Egon Schiele Art Centre, the visitors to the Seidl Photographic Studio or for those appreciating the Bohemian history in town centre.
Visit of the Castle Museum and Tower offers an insight into the castle's history and the aristocratic families who used to live there. It recalls the most important events related to the Rosenberg, Eggenberg andSchwarzenberg Krumlov families as well as housing artefacts and exhibits, such as Schwarzenberg guard collection and objects from the mint or armoury. Visitors can also see a model of Český Krumlov castle in the mid-16th century.
Hill Kleť with an observation tower,  which is the oldest stone-made  tower in Bohemia and its an ideal location for a circular view of the countryside  /17 Km/.
The Kleť mountain can also be reached by a seated cable railway starting in the Krasetín station near the village of Holoubov. The cable railway gets you effortlessly to the top of the mountain and lets you enjoy the beauty of the Blanský Forest.   


The Chateau Hluboká in Hluboká nad Vltavou is one of the most charming chateaux, built in a Tudor Gothic style whose imposing beauty will take your breath away.

Suggesttions of walking - hiking trips:
Spirit of South Mountain Kleť - South Path of the Mountain: transport to Chvalšiny Village - Červený Dvůr Castle -  Uhlířská Lodge Hájovna - U Martínků - Vyšný - Sídliště Vyšný - Český Krumlov /16 Km/
Spirit of the Vltava River: Transport to Zlata Koruna - Visit of the Monastery Zlata Koruna - Plešovice - Třísov - former Celtic Settlement of Třísov - Castle ruin Dívčí Kámen - Adolfof Holubov / 11,5 Km /
Nord - Easet Walking: Transport to Harazim - Černice - Chabičovice - Zahrádka - Kozí Hora - Český Krumlov / 11,5 Km /
East-South Walking: Mirkovice - Malčice - Věžovatá Pláně - Sedlice - Přídolí - Machovice - Křížový Vrch - Český Krumlov / 16,8 Km /
West - South Walking: By train to Šebanov - Světlýk rozc. - Slavkov (Slavkov - Kaliště - Jezvinec) Jezvinec - Malotín - Dubík - Český Krumlov / 22 Km /
Around the Town – Small Barock inspiration / Paraplíčko - Barock Garden - Littel Castle "Ptačák" monument - Kvítkův dvůr - part of the Pilgrim road to Kájov (just a part) - Chapel on the Mountain of the Cross - Baroque Colum on the Square  / 9 Km /