Autumn in the Třeboň Region: Experience Pond Fishing and Taste a Carp

Autumn in the Třeboň Region: Experience Pond Fishing and Taste a Carp

Experience the true fishing atmosphere at the largest pond in the Czech Republic and taste Třeboň fish specialties.

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In the Czech Republic, autumn is in full swing. In the Třeboň Region, this time of the year is associated with pond fishing. It's no wonder. In the Třeboň Region, fishing takes place at approximately 200 ponds. During this fishing, you can enjoy the water-soaked atmosphere. This tradition dates back 800 years. There are about 21,000 ponds in the Czech Republic!

The Largest Czech Pond

If you truly want to enjoy pond fishing, there is only one place in the Czech Republic that you can go to – the Třeboň Region  in South Bohemia .  Třeboň is 140km from Prague. It takes 100 minutes to get there by car. However, the journey is well worth it. Autumn is the main season for pond fishing . In the Třeboň Region alone, fishing takes place at approximately 200 ponds every year. From the weekend of Friday, October 13th to Sunday, October 15th, fishing will take place at the largest Czech pond, Rožmberk Pond. Fishing in the so-called South Bohemia sea, as the Rožmberk Pond is sometimes nicknamed, is a huge fishing and social event not only for fishermen but also for the thousands of visitors, who come here annually. This year's pond fishing will start at 7:00am with the first tug of the rod, on all three days. Fishing is followed by sorting, weighing and marinating of the fish. You can look forward to a rich, gastronomic program, including the sale of live fish. If you cannot come to Třeboň in the middle of October, don't despair. Pond fishing will also take place here other weekends as well, for example, Horusický Pond (October 24th - 27th), Vlkovický Pond (November 14th –16th) or the last pond fishing at Bošilecký Pond (November 13th – 16th). However, during autumn, pond fishing takes places in almost all corners of the Czech Republic.  

Třeboň Carp are Protected by the EU

What would pond fishing be like if you couldn't taste the local, renowned Třeboň carp, which are even a protected geographical mark in the European Union. When buying this brand of carp, you can be sure that the carp came from the Třeboň ponds. If you get the urge to sample some fish during the pond fishing, there is nothing easier in the Třeboň Region than simply visiting one of the local restaurants. The Šupina a Šupinka Restaurant is definitely worth visiting. This restaurant is even famous for its carp tartare and carp fries beyond the borders of the South Bohemia Region. The Bílý jednorožec Restaurant serves Třeboň carp but you can also try pike and trout.  

Fish, Spa and Beer

The Třeboň Region also offers activities other than only ponds and excellent fish. Don't miss out on a guided tour of Zámek Třeboň (Třeboň Chateau), one of the largest Chateau complexes in the Czech Republic. However, keep in mind that the Chateau is only open until October 31st. After a hearty meal and a tour of the Chateau, you can relax in the Lázeňském komplexu Aurora (Aurora Spa Complex), where you can not only relax but also play squash, bowling or go to a fitness centre. Similar services are also available at Bertiných lázních (Bertiný Spa), near Třeboň's historical city centre. Once you have relaxed, head over to the Regent Třeboň Brewery, which was established in 1379. In additional to a guided tour with beer tasting, there is one specialty offered here. Every Friday and Saturday at 7:00pm. 8:00pm or 9:00pm, you can take a night tour of the Brewery. This tour takes place under candle light and lit torches. You will not only see how the local beer is brewed but you will see the old brewery cellars, where the Třeboň beer matures in the cold and dark.