5 Reasons Active Adventure Travelers Should Visit the Czech Republic

5 Reasons Active Adventure Travelers Should Visit the Czech Republic

The gorgeous natural landscapes beckon hikers, mountains are the perfect getaway for adrenaline seekers, and avid cyclists will love the ample paths linking castles through the ancient forests.

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Visitors to the Czech Republic, often travel there for the fairytale landscapes, numerous castles, and to explore the historic city of Prague. But what many first time (or even repeat) travelers to the Czech Republic may not be aware of, is the country’s growing status as a destination for outdoor active adventure travel. There are numerous ways active travelers, as well as history buffs, will enjoy a trip to the Czech Republic during any season.
Here are the 5 top experiences for active outdoor travelers to the Czech Republic:

1. Bohemian Switzerland

Don’t get your passport just yet! This oddly-named forest region is located in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and is a spectacular introduction to the country’s natural beauty, not far from Prague. As it is a popular tourist attraction, it’s a good thing to do on your first visit. Then, for a second or third visit to the Czech Republic there are numerous trails in the national park to continue exploring!
Bohemian Switzerland boasts an incredibly diverse landscape. From lakes to caves to mountains, it’s the perfect spot for nature and wildlife photographers and hiking trails range from easy and good for families with little ones, to strenuous, multi-hour endeavours. One of the top attractions in this sprawling natural area is Pravčická brána, the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe. The region is also notable for hundreds of gorges, which you can experience many different ways, including by boat along the River Kamenice.

2. The Krkonoše Mountains

The Krkonoše Mountains are a thrilling destination for outdoor adventure in all seasons. There are numerous waterfalls, some of them feeding into the Elbe River, including the “Devil’s Eyes” attraction. This unique feature of the mountain range is a series of natural indentations, formed over time by the sheer force of the Pančavskeý Waterfall. Incredible glacial formations and stunning views are also around every corner.
In the winter, the climate is mild, so even though it snows, you can be outside year-round for activities like hiking. Snow sports are extremely popular here, and because of the low altitude the snow has a reputation for being perfect year after year. It’s a great destination for families as the slopes are easy and the weather doesn’t get too cold.

3. Explore Moravian Karst

The Czech Republic is not only stunning above ground. Below ground, the cave landscapes are just as incredible. One of the top attractions for visitors to these Czech caves is the Macocha Abyss. This impressive gorge is 138 meters deep - and hiking through provides unbelievable views.  
Centuries of Czech folklore surround these mountain cave environments, and it’s not hard to see why so many fairy tales have their roots in this area of the world. It’s easy to imagine tales of daring princes and princesses confronting fearsome trolls and other monsters as you wander through the labyrinth of Moravian Karst.
Adventurous cavers also love the experience of exploring Punkva Cave, which is entered via water, by way of a dark mouth on the Punkva river.

4. Cycling to Castles

The Czech Republic has the most castles per capita, compared to anywhere in the world. They are a hallmark of travel to the Czech Republic, dispersed around the countryside, and of course, you have the famous Prague castle.
For cyclists, there is actually an official cycling route, known as the Ohre cycling route, which travels through Western Bohemia, visiting some of these impressive castles along the way. The route begins in Germany and ends in Prague.
One of the castles to visit on this route is Karlštejn, an imposing and historic building that is well worth stopping to take a look around or take a guided tour. Kings of Bohemia resided here from the time of the 12th century!

5. Podyjí National Park

For history buffs as well as outdoorsy types, Podyjí is the perfect storm. Podyji National Park is quite pristine, having had very little human contact for many years. It lay behind the Czech Republic’s Iron Curtain during the Cold War and is just starting to become more popular with visitors staying in the bordering Czech towns of Znojmo and Vranov.
Podyjí is the smallest national park in the Czech Republic and also extends into Austria, where it is known as Thayatal National Park. On either side of the border, it is one of the best places for discovering the region’s unique and diverse wildlife, including extremely rare butterflies.